Diversity Scholarships?

  1. OK,
    So, it appears that every single BSN-DNP program I look at has scholarships and or grants available for priority diversity applicants. One school I applied to was awarded over 2 million dollars by the HRSA for this purpose. But, I have yet to meet someone who has actually received this scholarship. I submitted a second essay with my application highlighting my Diversity, yet did not even get asked a question regarding it... the criteria is males, ethnic backgrounds, underserved, first time college students in a family, religion.... I kinda feel like I am the picture of diversity:
    I am a tri-racial (Polish, Kazak, Agentine,) male, single father of two, gay, Ashkenazi Jewish decent, I live in rural NH, my EFC is zero, first time college student in my entire family, shortages are HUGE in NH, I was adopted from Poland when I was 10 months old with my twin sister and twin brother (triplets,) my sister was killed on Sept 11, I am published, Salutorian, and my children are trans-racially adopted, which I subsequently vollunteered for my adoption agency in cleaning up Guatemala adoptions... I feel like a both of crayons... If I do not qualify, who does?
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  3. by   nurse2033
    Good question, you sure do sound diverse. Have you called finance about this? I wouldn't expect them to invite you to apply based on your application. Are you talking about a scholarship application? Its not totally clear in your post. I would keep asking until you get a satisfactory answer, good luck.
  4. by   shauny2k3
    I would definitely apply. You never know what could happen. BCBS has a scholorship at my school, for allied health and nursing students who are from underrepresented populations. I applied just for sake of it, and put that men are underrepresented and got a letter today saying that i'm being given $600 for Spring 2013.
  5. by   BCRNA
    Apply and see what happens. There are a lot of people applying for these, so just being a minority of some type does not guarantee you will get something, especially if the people you are competing with have higher GPA's and resumes. The key is to keep applying and apply to every one you can locate. Check your state board of nursing, and hosptials in your area. The ones near me will cover 5000 a year in tuition for people who work 24 hours a week.
  6. by   Boydbre
    I live in NH and I receive the HRSA nursing scholarship. I'm in a BSN/MSN program. Good luck.