Comfort and words of wisdom needed-4 days til Rutgers Nursing gives me their decision

  1. Oh my fellow nurses and nurses-to-be, this has been an agonizing five months of awaiting a decision from Rutgers Nursing to let me know if they will accept me into their undergrad nursing program.

    By June 30 I should have their final decision.

    I need some insight and perspective from my peers.

    I was turned away last year as an applicant who was wishing to transfer from a community college, with some credits from a major university. I had a 3.85 out of a 4.0 GPA and an amazing essay.

    I entered into Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences to complete my Psychology degree and planned on applying to accelerated programs this year, however, this past February, made the decision to reapply to the traditional track just in the case that they would reconsider me since I had invested a year at Rutgers by then.

    I now have a 3.79 GPA, have made the Dean's list both semesters, won an Academic Excellence Award my first semester (had a 4.0), and have completed Pathophys, and Organic Biochem at RU by this past Spring.

    Applications for school-to-school transfers were due by June 30, however I submitted mine on February 1.

    My friends have been notified already that they were not accepted and put in their applications two months after I did.

    Since applying, I began volunteering for the local EMS and have begun on my EMT certifications and clinicals, which I notified admissions of, so that they knew how serious I am, and so that they are aware that I am being trained in emergency care and taking vitals, etc....

    I need to know where you all think I stand-- it's been a loooooooooooong road of fulfilling geneds and applying...the wait is killin me!--Five days until I hear back. Do you think that I am a definite "no", and they are waiting to release an email to me, a "maybe" because there is no word yet, or a "yes".

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  3. by   cdjones1
    I think you will get in. I got accepted for this fall (I too am working on my psych degree, and plan to finish the same time as nursing). All my friends that I had taken gen ed. with, got their acceptance letters, while I waited and waited to get mine. Anyhow I finally got mine (in march). It is a very hardcore wait, but you sound passionate, and I'm sure they will get the same vibe.
  4. by   futurepractitioner1
    Thank you so much! I just started to really think that they were not interested since it's been nearly 5 months since I had submitted my app. Why do you think they are waiting so long for me, while they have accepted so many others?...i just can't wrap my head around it all...but at least it's only another week of waiting..(after 5 week shouldn't feel so bad...but it's absolute torture!)
  5. by   afbc
    No one on this forum can tell you with any certainty why you haven't heard from Rutgers yet. At most, maybe someone would be able to offer a bit of educated speculation about the selection process for their nursing program.

    You have done all you can do to this point. If you honestly believe that you have given this your best effort, then be satisfied with that, and let the cards fall where they will. You have no control over the outcome, and there is no point in torturing yourself worrying about a decision that is out of your hands.

    If it makes you feel any better though, your admissions credentials is very, very impressive (makes my admissions packet look a bit sad). Your commitment to nursing is very obvious.

    I wish for the best for you.

    Let us know the outcome, we're rooting for you!

  6. by   futurepractitioner1
    Thank you so much. I really love what you have to say, which kind of slaps reality into my head.

    I know that I'm being a bit dramatic about this, but there is so much underlying life "stuff" that is making this matter seem like the most monumental event ever. I am most likely placing more weight on this matter because of it's importance to me. We've all got our pressures, and I have, as you said done everything in my power to make this all work in my favor.

    I've committed my life to helping others, and in the meanwhile I am learning how to take care of myself--which is the hardest lesson to learn for me.

    I'm grateful for your words, and truly appreciate your energies put forward to help me.

    You'll be a wonderful caregiver as an RN...or in whatever you specialize.

    Thank you!
  7. by   futurepractitioner1
    Accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So relieved and excited to begin at The Rutgers College of Nursing in the Fall of 2011!

    Again, thanks guys for your support and for keeping me sane when I needed a shoulder!

    FP (Jack)
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    (now we can all patiently wait for my interview letter to hopefully arrive)
  9. by   futurepractitioner1
    Thinking great thoughts for you and sending you positive nursing vibes!!!!!! So stressful this time is!!--but ya know were right..all you can do is know that you did what you needed to do and wait. Lemme know when you hear!
  10. by   afbc
    Quote from futurepractitioner1
    Lemme know when you hear!
    Phone call today!! Two hour interview/orientation mid-July with twenty other students.

    I have no idea if this means that I am accepted, considered as an alternate or still being looked at, but that is completely okay. I now have "the next right thing" in front of me to do, and for me personally, action, any action, is less stressful then waiting.

    I'm exceptionally grateful. This has been a fairly lengthy journey for me. Now, I am starting to feel that this may actually happen and all the persistence and hard work the past six months has paid off. Going back to school is starting to feel very real.

    Extremely psyched about moving into this really cool phase of my life, and I am eternally grateful to everyone around me who has cheered me on.

    I'm going to be a nurse!!

  11. by   futurepractitioner1
    wow! Awsome that you had a good interview. Ii bet since they are moving forward with having you to an orientation that they are very interested. My fingers are crossed for you!
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    again...let me know how it all goes. Sure u'll they'll accept you!
  14. by   chiasmus100
    Congratulations on your acceptances. I am wondering were you guys accepted as sophomores or juniors? Do you know how many juniors the program accepts?