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First off, I have done extensive searching on this site and on Google in general, and in stores around my area for months now, so this isn't a lazy attempt at getting help. The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to find... Read More

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    I just bought a pair of all white reebok classic leather shoes. After reading the posts here I went to several department and shoe stores at Garden state plaza, and ended up getting my reeboks at foot locker for around 65 bucks with gel inserts +20. I happened to find a pair of those white tommy hilfiger sneakers at Macy's but the comfort wasn't there. Finding an all white pair of shoes puts you on a long quest! I would have loved to try a pair of Brooks Addiction Walking shoes, but only amazon seems to have them.

    Reebok Classic Leather - Men's - Sport Inspired - Shoes - White/White

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    I got myself a pair of Cherokee white shoes. they are awesome. $69.00
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    Brooks makes some great all white shoes. They're called Addiction. they're all leather and white. Costs about $100 but the reviews are outstanding. Check them out on Amazon.
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    If you don't have luck finding your size on or in the store, ask a salesperson if they can custom order you a pair (or two).

    Reyers Shoe Store: Name Brand Shoes from the World's Largest Shoe Store
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    I have Adidas clamshell shoes in all white. They are definitely not comfortable though. Puma makes an all white as well. I may try them next.
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    I found a pair of all white shoes at Walmart one day. I forget the brand, but they were pretty inexpensive and they have held up well for the past 3 semesters. I don't think they're a WM store brand though. The only odd thing about them is that the sole feels a bit thin (comfy, but thin) and that it's made of some white rubber-felt stuff... but they're some very comfy shoes.
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    go by your local mash store they will order you non skid white leather shoes...I got mine(sketchers)for 42 from them..most mash stores will give you a 20% discount if you tell them your in nursing school
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    I'm a personally a running shoe wearing kind of guy, and I couldn't imagine wearing any clogs or anything else, but this was pretty popular.

    Nike Air Max 90s.
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    Quote from tenjuna
    thanks for that...that's about the closest I am going to find I bet. I have been looking all summer, and I seriously doubt there is a shoe on this planet with a white sole that is not a clog.
    Did you end up buying these? I wear these (black) they are amazing!

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