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First off, I have done extensive searching on this site and on Google in general, and in stores around my area for months now, so this isn't a lazy attempt at getting help. The problem I am having... Read More

  1. by   shawn flanagan
    go by your local mash store they will order you non skid white leather shoes...I got mine(sketchers)for 42 from them..most mash stores will give you a 20% discount if you tell them your in nursing school
  2. by   cHaNkStA
    I'm a personally a running shoe wearing kind of guy, and I couldn't imagine wearing any clogs or anything else, but this was pretty popular.

    Nike Air Max 90s.
  3. by   hlj123
    Quote from tenjuna
    thanks for that...that's about the closest I am going to find I bet. I have been looking all summer, and I seriously doubt there is a shoe on this planet with a white sole that is not a clog.
    Did you end up buying these? I wear these (black) they are amazing!