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Ages of male nursing students? - page 54

Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

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    20 years young and just started the ADN program a few days after my birthday! I am pretty sure I am the youngest in my class of 64 and there is probably about 8 guys.
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    I'll be starting an ADN program in the spring, which means two summers will go by. I'm 38 now, so I guess I'll be 40 when we graduate. That's plenty of time for a second career!
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    23 here. Been an LPN for 4 years, just finished my ADN program as of 8/1/12!
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    i am a 19 year old student nurse and this age nursing seems so enjoyable and easy .
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    Taking CNA and prereq courses now, and scheduled to start the RN program next fall as I hit 29 years old.