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  1. I was just accepted as a transfer student to USM at the LAC campus. I don't have all the pre-reqs done but it looks like they are only offered in Portland/Gorham and then the nursing courses are in LA? The USM website has very little info about LAC that I can find, so anything that you might know will be very much appreciated! I'm also interested in any advice about the LA area in general; I grew up in Old Town but have been living in Minnesota the past few years. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   dragonfly414
    They don't have the Fall 2012 schedule on the site yet or atleast I can't find it, but you should be able to take prerequisites at the LAC. You can find the summer schedule here University of Southern maine Lewiston Auburn College Summer Course Schedule 2012 so you can check it out and get an idea of what they offer. There may be a few courses you have to take in Portland or Gorham, but most you shouldn't. Most people will tell you Lewiston is the armpit of Maine. As a young woman, I would not choose to live alone in Lewiston. I'd be careful where you live if you chose Lewiston, or I'd look for a place in Auburn.
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    get in touch with the nursing advisor.
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    I did some more research and I was wrong; the prereqs are all offered at LAC, they are just listed under different departments (SCI instead of BIO, for example). I'll be living with my boyfriend, but I'll definitely be looking at Auburn and/or surrounding small towns to live in. Thanks!

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