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Hi all, Just curious if there's a presence on this board for newly accepted USM ABSN students or people applying to the program? I got my acceptance letter last week and want to chat with people about what we're in for! I'd... Read More

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    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have started looking into housing options yet? May feels like it's just around the corner and I haven't done much to figure out my living situation yet (let alone visit the school...whoops!) I'm taking a trip up to Portland next week to look around and try to get acquainted a bit with the facilities but was wondering if anyone has any tips for housing? Ideally I would like to find a single apartment somewhere, or room with a fellow nursing student-- not that I know such a person... anyone interested?
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    Hello everyone! I am actually accepted into the MSN-Option program starting this May. But, it is my understanding that most of the option program courses are with the ABSN students for the first couple of semesters. So, I thought I would say hi . Svensson, I am nervous about housing also. I cannot leave Hawaii until May 10 because of contract obligations so I will arrive in portland and hit the ground running. The housing situation is my biggest concern actually. :-/ Please keep me posted on any info you get. I don't know a soul in Maine for obvious reasons so I am in the dark as to areas, decent complexes, etc.
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    I withdrew my application yesterday, so hopefully that means someone on the wait list will get good news soon! Best of luck to all of you!