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    Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who could comment on the nursing department at UNE (likes vs. dislikes, intructors/preceptors, etc.) Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi i just got accepted for Spring 2012. Did you hear anything from the school.
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    I havent heard anything yet but I also applied late. I spoke with admissions and was told my application will be reviewed with the next group at the end of August then letters would be sent out. Did you just hear recently?? I am quite nervous but excited at the same time. Have you heard much about the program?? I am hoping to get some good news really soon. Congrats on your acceptance!!
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    Thank you! I just got the acceptance package today. Im really excited! I havent heard anything on the program. Only that its 17 months. If there is anybody out there that has graduated from the program that can give some insight that would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you luck. Hope you get in. Have you applied anywhere else?
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    Well I should be getting a response very soon if you just heard recently. I have not applied to any other schools for ABSN programs. I thought I would take my chances with UNE only and if necessary apply elsewhere. Its a new ABSN program and the Spring 2012 class will be the first class. It may make for a bumpy ride. Have you applied elsewhere? Is UNE your first choice? Congrats again!!
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    I had no idea it was a new program. I applied to Regis University and got waitlisted. I also applied to Rochester University and UMDNJ. I declined UMDNJ because the program seemed to rushed and unorganized. I'm waiting to hear from Rochester. What else do you know of the program?
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    I dont know much about the program because it is new. UNE up until this year has always been an ADN program the first two years and then students could complete a bachelors in evenings while working full time. I know about UNE because I was an undergrad student there a few years back. I know nothing about the Nursing Department or new program because its a seperate campus from the traditional undergrad degrees. I must say that UNE is an expensive school but I really liked it and felt that people were really helpful and friendly. UNE is also well known for its many degrees in healthcare.
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    Thanks for the information and I hope you hear good news soon. What did you get your undergrad in?
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    Thanks for the support!! My undergrad was in the life sciences. What about you? Where did you do your first bachelors? Your major? I thought that maybe more people would have responded to this blog. I wonder if many people have applied at UNE?? The info hasn't been available for all that long.

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