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UNE Accelerated BSN - page 10

Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who... Read More

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    Thank you! I'll let you know what happens
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    Has anyone found a Facebook group or something for the class starting in Jan 16? I am moving from MA and looking for housing/a roommate as well!!
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    I haven't seen a facebook group. I'm also looking for a roommate! But I need to get accepted first haha
    Would you guys mind giving a little info about yourselves? I'm just curious
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    Hey katieejv, here is my email tjulie1023@gmail.com

    I live like 5.5 hours away from Portland and I was wondering that I should come once before the orientation and start of the program to take a look at the housing. Once again I'll be looking for someone to live with and we can talk and get to know each other before moving in.
    Check the u-online portal on their website. I know there are housing ads out there!
    Argh, the school is not that cheap but I know they have a payment plan and some people get 9000 merit scholarship award in the acceptance leter, right?

    Feel free to reach out and talk!
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    My email is tjulie1023@gmail.com
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    So as far as I know about tuition most people get merit scholarship award in the acceptance letter which does help a bit. Also on their website in the u-online there are housing ads!
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    Do you have to have bachelor degree to apply for this program

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