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temporary RN license

  1. 0 I am a licensed RN in Illinois and recently applied to a summer camp nursing position in Maine starting mid june. I received an email from the camp asking for a resume and a list of good times for them to call. My question is does anyone know if for a short term position (approximately 4 weeks) such as this a license is required or is there such thing as a temporary license in Maine. I looked at the Maine RN licensure page and guessed that the process would probably take at least a month. I contacted the board of nursing but if it is anything like Illinois I thought I would probably get an answer here quicker. I know I may receive a call from the camp before I get an answer here but I thought I would try multiple avenues in case I need to get the ball rolling on this. thanks all
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    I had a different question for Maine sp when I emailed the Maine nursing boards a question, they emailed me back the next day and told me processing time was typically 4-6 weeks.
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    thanks max. I had an email back from them this morning and was told I will have to get a Maine license but once I am approved I would be allowed to work in Maine w/o a physical license for 90 days so that answered my question about whether or not I would recieve a license in time for the position