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Problem getting a job in hospital as a new grad? - page 3

My niece is graduating in 20 days as a RN she is told that it is almost impossible to get a job in a hospital as a new grad, is this the norm? She really need to work so she says she will go to ltc... Read More

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    We all had our scrubs before class started because it was useful for some skills labs.

    You need white pants and white shoes, but tops can be of any color.

    As a companion, they actually prefer you wear street clothes and not scrubs because you can't do CNA work while you are with them. I am usually in jeans and a polo shirt or whatever when I do companion work. And yes, you can get a lot of homework done during third shift. I don't even do homework at home anymore because I get it all done there.

    And I definitely don't mind the questions at all!
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    White pants? Yuck! Oh well, I can deal with it if I have to. On the ambulance we wear navy blue bdu's with the big cargo pockets for all the toys. They're great and nearly indestructible! I get pretty grubby by the end of a shift. Hopefully I won't get quite as messy.

    I already have my shoes and some scrub tops, but I'll need to spend some $$ at Allheart and get some white pants in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for all the info!
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    It's great advice to start out as a CNA. If you know you want to work at a certain hospital this will get your foot in the door. Even if there is not a position posted, some of the people I graduated with have got jobs at Maine Med this way. My sister in Mass who just graduated with me is having a harder time finding a job b/c she went to school in Maine. It's not easy in either state if you have no experience. Knowing people, clinical instructors, etc. helped me get my job and I felt so lucky to be where I wanted to be. good luck