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HI!!! I want to be a nurse, but I also understand there are waits for the schools etc. But what does it take to be a Medical Assistant? I always thought this was just a quick course you could take... Read More

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    I need help...I'm about to start my MA program on Tuesday. What do I have to look forward to?
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    Quote from jamessheridanjr
    I need help...I'm about to start my MA program on Tuesday. What do I have to look forward to?
    If you look on the MA forums of,you will get a pretty good idea of what it can be like after graduation. It can be incredibly hard to find a job if you do not get hired in to where you did your externship at. All of these offices are insisting on experience. Choose your externship site wisely.
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    my friend is a registry cna and she makes almost as much as i do as an lvn. she makes 18 duckets per hour but the draw back is that shes always working in a different facility most of the time.
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    hi, i live in california and am currently doing a M.A course, im going to kaplan college. they give you the choice of getting your diploma at the end or you can pay to be a R.M.A (registered medical assistant) or a C.M.A (certified medical assistant) the program im in takes 9 months we have 9 different books and go onto externship after (externship is where you work in a clinic or hospital for free for 120 hours) here the lowest we get payed is 12 an hour and highest is 24 an hour depending what facility you work at. id perfer C.M.A over C.N.A i think CNAs dont get payed as much as they should and they do alot, i love going to school, eventually i want to become a R.N but figured i would start lower in the chain lol since there are waiting lists for the nursing classes we'll good ,luck

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