Going back into Nursing?

  1. I have been tossing the idea of going back into Nursing and wondered if there were any of you here that might have done this? If so how hard was it getting back into it? I really feel the "don't use them lose them" around the topic of skills. I have no idea how viable an option this is. Is there a refresher course offered anywhere in Maine? I am in the mid coast region and know Pen Bay offers an occasional one. They offered it a couple of years ago and only two people showed up. Might there be others I am unaware of. Thank you for any info about how hard/easy this might be.
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  3. by   hamptonmedical
    That which does not kill you makes you stronger..
    I returned to emergency room nursing after working in the medical device industry for twelve years. I did it without a refresher course... It was tough... I had to get use to new equipment, new meds, new protocals...
    For me, I wouldn't have done it any other way....
    If you find a hospital that provides an orientation program. That would be helpful. But I found that all I really needed were repetitions with different types of clinical conditions, a reliable resource and establishing my own routines for providing care.
    Going back to the bedside is one of the best things I have done in nursing. Its taken some thick skin and hard work. I'm still learning and relearning..
    You should do it...
  4. by   acadia
    lol!!! I live by your first sentence!! Such is life.
    Thank you for letting me know how it went for you going back after being away for awhile. I really miss it some days and wonder how it would be. Hard work, never an issue, thick skin- I wish came a little easier though.