CMMC School of Nursing? or SMCC?

  1. hi everyone! Just wanted to get some general info from students that have been in the Central Maine Medical center school of nursing. What is your schedule like? The professors? Do you enjoy it? I should hear back from them today or tomorrow for Fall 2011 admission...I am so nervous, both to get in and to not! I am worried about the commute for me if I do end up getting in, it will be 1.5 hours each way, everyday! (It is not an option for me to live in Lewiston unfortunately.) My alternative would be waiting until Jan. 2013 to begin at SMCC (I am on the waiting list now) Any insight/suggestions about either program or what you would do would be so helpful, thanks!
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  3. by   lupin
    I went to Cmcc and graduated in 2005. I felt I got a good education from CMCC. The instructors were very helpful and the clinical experiences were interesting (our clinicals were mostly at Central Maine Medical Center, D'youville, St. Mary's, etc). I lived in Brunswick at the time, so Smcc and Cmcc were going to be either direction for me. I had several personal issues that came about during my program but my Advisor really encouraged me and helped me get through them. I know by state standards, the school that has the most students pass the N-clex on the first try is rated the best in the state and SMCC was consistently rated #1 in the state, but CMCC was usually #2. It basically came down to who was going to get me in a program faster (I applied everywhere ) and CMCC called me two weeks from the start of classes saying there had been a drop out and I was first on the waiting list. Whatever you do, when you finish, go back and finish your bachelor's. Easier if your already working as a nurse. No change in title but will make a difference in some job situations.
  4. by   bd22
    Thanks for writing back Did you go to central maine community college or central maine medical center school of nursing? I did not apply to CMCC unfortunately, just the CMMC school of nursing in Lewiston. The abbreviations are so alike!
  5. by   wright204
    Hello everyone!
    Just finished my last semester @ KVCC in AP2 and Patho. I'm looking forward to starting in the fall @ CMMC as well. I'll be doing my clinicals at Franklin Memorial in Farmington, as it's much closer than Lewiston. I guess we'll see each other on June 13th. Waiting (patiently) for the booklist as well as I try to get them ASAP. Any word about financial aid? Have a great month everyone and .. see you soon!

    Mary Wright
    Fayette, Maine
  6. by   clyRN
    Hello, I have just graduated from CMMC (central maine medical center) college of nursing. That seems like quite the drive for you, but the schooling is worth it. I came from no medical background or experience, and fit in just fine. The clinical experience and relationships you form along the way are amazing. I can say that what I have heard from several nurses/residents/physicians/doctors that work at CMMC Hospital is that the students from CMMC nursing school seem overall better prepared while on the floor/taking care of patients. Now I am NOT saying anything negative about any other schools, because in the end a degree is a degree!
    If you do choose this school, be prepared for an intense workload, some can make it through school while working and others cannot. If you were an "A" student previously, you may not be one here- and that is fine! You will be very busy doing "Client Assessment Tools" or "cats" as we call them, and numerous care plans; most of your friends attending other schools will NOT be doing this much work...but it is so worth it....I know I am rambling but there is so much to say about this school. Some days you will hate the school with a passion, but hey, it's variety isnt it?....If you were able to get in to the school, take the chance!
  7. by   eab12191
    How hard is it to get into this program? Like GPA requirements? Is it a traditional daytime program?
  8. by   clyRN
    Well, it is mostly based off of the Kaplan scoring and you essay. I didn't have the best GPA before getting in! They are a day program mon-thurs; but have just began a night/wknd program. It is meant to allow the students to still work while going to school.
  9. by   EGagnon
    clyRN -

    You say you didnt have the best GPA going in and didnt come from a medical background, I am wondering if you might share how long ago you graduated high school?

    I graduated in 97 and went to CMCC and got an AS in Engineering. So I do have some college courses under my belt - though it has been 10+ years! I am seriously considering changing careers as things are falling into place nicely for my wife's career that will allow me to focus on what I really want to do with mine. So I dont come from a medical backgroung, just very interested in the field for longer than I can remember.

    My biggest question is it seems that a lot of people are taking pre-req classes at local colleges before they apply for CMMC, I have all the pre-req done - completed in high school - would this be too long ago? I hear that there are 300+ application for little openings so I find it hard to believe that they would take someone who is 31 and has no prior medical experience, etc.!

    One last question, for now anyways, did you use any exam prep books for the Kaplan pre entry exam?
  10. by   clyRN
    I have graduated just last month (May). When I entered the program the testing was the "NET" Exam, which was basically like the SATs. If you go to the Kaplan website I am sure you will find a book that may help you prep and test, they have everything. Kaplan is something the school just began using my senior year and will most likely not use when their contract is up. I do recommend taking your pre-reqs before applying and beginning school, as we lose a lot of people that are trying to take them along with the workload of nursing. DO NOT worry about your age, I am 21 and was one of the youngest in my class. We had several classmates that graduated and were in the ages of late 40s-60s. It can be done and happens all the time. Honestly be prepared to put your personal life on hold for a couple of years as the program is very intense. Make sure to take time for yourself and spouse/family during the weekends and vacations- you'll need it! Good luck
  11. by   EGagnon
    When you say trying to get the pre reqs done prior to do you mean taking the eng 101, A&P, etc? If so I'm kinda confused as if you look at CMMC site all that is listed as part of their courses? The only pre reqs for the application is to have bio in high school, SATs, etc.?

    I guess when I read "pre req" I think you must have those items before you can apply...
  12. by   clyRN
    Well, fortunately our school (CMMC) will accept people that have not yet taken all those classes (ENG101, A&P, Microbiology...) and they do offer most of them. What I'm trying to say is the problem with that is can be overload for most people, some can do it but struggle. I took all my classes at the community college in Auburn because they were cheaper and applied to CMMC and got in. It was not only more helpful for me to have had those classes because I understood what we were talking about in class. The teachers will tell you themselves that when they are lecturing, they will NOT take extra time to explain the A&P of what they are teaching, so it could be hard to keep up with and fully grasp if you have not had the class....Again, it CAN be done and I've seen it- just don't over do it!
  13. by   EGagnon
    Makes sense. I will have to contact them to be sure that my ENG 101 class carries over from CMCC to CMMC from 10 years ago!

    So taking to what you said into consideration, having all the non nursing classes done ahead of time, it would be hard to get all of thee classes under my belt before fall of 2012, or not? Here are the classes:

    ENG 101 College Writing (3 credits)

    PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

    BIO 111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I/lab (4 credits)

    PSY 201 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)

    BIO 112 Human Anatomy & Physiology/lab (4 credits)

    PHM 201 Pharmacology (3 credits)

    BIO 213 Microbiology/lab (4 credits)

    Actually that looks like it could be done in two semesters? Would be hard to fit that in with my current full time job and I didnt want to break the news to them until I was excepted into a program. Hmmm

    EDIT - forgot they want two electives as well...woops!
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  14. by   vm19
    does CMMC offer clinicals during the summer? or is it only spring and fall

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