CMMC school of nursing....?

  1. Has anyone gone here?
    I was reading their requirments and they say you should apply one year in advance to the fall semester you want to attend, but then it says application deadlines are March 1st?
    Also, they want your transcrips from High Shool, I graduated 10 years ago, would they still want them?

    Thanks for any replies!!!
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  3. by   lotsablessings

    I am a currently enrolled at CMMC School of Nursing. In 2006 I applied right before the March 1 deadline, got accepted and began the nursing program that next Sept. They don't have a "waiting list." Your application is considered within the pool of candidates that also apply for that year. If you don't make it, you can apply the next year and may get in. It all depends on the competition in the particular group of applications for any given year. One suggestion- have your general ed courses completed before you get accepted- The workload is huge with just the nursing stuff alone...

    Also it's been almost 20 years since I graduated high school so don't let age deter you! The Director of Admissions told us the average age of our students is 32. I personally know of an 18 year old and a 56 year old in the nursing program! This school has a great reputation for turning out RN's who know their stuff.
    Best wishes!
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  4. by   rellis12
    Hey, I just graduated from the program in May, and I must say that it wasn't exactly an enriching experience. We lost more than half our class to them being booted from the program because of grades. I had to move out of my house the final month of the second year. I wish you luck and if there is anything that I can do for you, just write on this site and we can talk.
  5. by   ParrotheadRN2B
    Hi Rellis,
    Although I am planning to attend USM's nursing program I noticed that CMMC hires new grad nurses. Do you know what the working environment is like in that hospital? Do you know anything about their orientation? Also, did you have any trouble finding a job upon graduation? I am being told that the "nursing shortage" is no longer a problem at least in the southern part of the state. Any feedback you might be able to provide is greatly appreciated!

  6. by   rellis12
    It is a very good place to be a new grad. The orientation on my floor of M4, which is a cardiopulmonary unit was about three months, and my preceptor was also very good. A taskmaster, but very good at what she does. I was fortunate, and I have heard some horror stories of other people's experiences with less than enthusiastic preceptors. I would apply now if you are going to, the spots fill up fast. I wish you good luck. Rellis
  7. by   moweli01
    Hi Lotsablessings
    I was reading your post and really congratulations. Kudos to you for all the hard work. I live in Sanford and I am taking my last pre-req ( microbiology) at YCCC. I have applied CMCC and hopefully they will accept me for fall. Is CMMC a private school? I was checking their tuition and it is 270 dollars a credit. That is way too expensive compared to CMCC. Today is the last day of Jan and I was wondering, is it too late to apply there? And do you get financial aid like Pell grants and federal loans?

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