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  1. Greetings from South Carolina to all you Mainers out there!

    Forgive me for making this thread a non-medical one, but I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Maine (specifically, to go straight up the New England coast on my way there, hitting every lighthouse and lobster restaurant in my path).

    Can y'all offer any travel and tourist tips (which are SO much better coming from locals than from the tourbooks) for a NICU nurse (and her family) who is much in need of a vacation?

    Due to having school-age child, must do this in summer - this is the year!!!!

    Thanks so much - from everything I have seen in the literature, y'all have a gorgeous state!
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  3. by   275Main
    I do not know that much about the drive up from the carolinas, but if that is what you intend to do, I would also suggest to go to Newport RI, very old money coastal destination. You can see and tour most of the huge estates. As for Maine, take Route 1 up the coast, its a great route and goes by all the coastal towns. But be forewarned..the traffic during the summer can be HORRIBLE!! I don't know much about lighthouses though and do not eat lobster (funny since I lived in Maine for most of my life) I can not help you out there. Although for the best prices, a lot of the time the little lobster shacks where you eat off of paper plates offer the best deals and the best lobster rolls (this is what I have been told). Boothbay is one of my favorite places and you can go on Puffin tours, Seal and whale watches, and deep sea finshing (if you go deep sea fishing I would avoid the larger boats..too crowded not as much fun).
  4. by   palesarah
    Hey there!

    I'm a big lighthouse fan, and living on the NH seacoast has afforded me some wonderful photo ops- if you want to see some of the photos I've taken of NH/Maine/Cape Cod lighthouses you can see them here.

    As for things I'd recommend- definitely take Route 1 up the Maine coast! And yes, summer traffic sucks. But if you don't mind taking it slow, it's a great drive! I don't eat lobster either, but everyone here raves about Bob's Clam Hut on Rt 1 in Kittery, it's on the main stretch with the outlet malls. There's a great lighthouse tour you can take out of Portsmouth NH (if you don't get seasick!) through the Isles of Shoals Steamship Co. I'd recommend spending a day in Portsmouth anyway, lots to see and do for families. Some links for you:
    Maine Lighthouses
    things to do on the NH/southern Maine seacoast
  5. by   Gldngrl
    Brown's Ice Cream by Nubble Light- don't miss!
    York Beach-lovely shops, nice beach, great place to visit.
    Just drive up Coastal Route 1- lots of places to stop, if you like antiquing, this is the place for you as well.
    My favourite place in the world is The Cliffhouse in Ogunquit, it's a wonderful hotel, which overlooks the ocean, very private, I stay there every year when I visit.
  6. by   RN77
    I used to live in Maine. You must visit Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth (just outside Portland). For shopping, Route 1 (anywhere along the way) and the Old Port and Congress street sections of Portland. The absolute BEST seafood restaurant in the entire world is Newick's Lobster House in South Portland.....the line will look daunting, but it moves quickly and it's there because everyone loves the place. Awesome doesn't begin to describe it....inexpensive, huge portions, "interesting" atmosphere. Bar Harbor is worth the visit, as is Wiscasset (I think it's in Wiscasset that there is the Gimbel [not Gimbel's] Store; a real trip back in time). It's an incredible state and you can't go wrong. If you get a chance, take a tour of Casco Bay (Portland). It takes about 2 hours, if I remember correctly) and you won't want to come back to shore. They show you more lighthouses on that tour, too. Enjoy the trip. It will be the experience of a lifetime!!!! Gee, do I sound too enthusiastic? I can't wait to move back there.
  7. by   abbynormal
    Maine has so much to see. You have gotten some great tips. I live in York Beach and the seabreeze is swirling through my house. The Nubble Lighthouse right here in York is famous and worth a view. Great neighborhood to walk with the kids and a playground right off of Short Sands Beach. Other one is Long sands but it is crowded at High Tide!
    Definitely go route one, Head up to Rockland, Rockport, Lincolnville and Camden and see over ten lighthouses in 20 miles. Chamber of Commerce and Downeast magazine are great resources. DownEast just came out with "Jewel of the Coast" edition on area I metioned. Includes map too, which the COC provided. Portland is great. Seafood in abundance, follow your nose and locals.
    Have Great Fun in this beautiful land I am lucky to call Home.
    Cheers, Abbynormal, ED~RN:>}
  8. by   spidermonkey
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  9. by   Teachchildren123
    Thanks for great advice, will be out in Maine to visitt soon. Will follow some of your ideas
    I totally was breathless with some of your pictures palesarah , you have great talent, Bravo! :bowingpur
    By the way are you francophone too?
    Talk to you after vacations!
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    [ I'll check it out.
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  11. by   markjrn
    Quote from spidermonkey
    It's a beautiful place to visit, but you don't want to live there!!
    Why? If you don't mind me asking.
  12. by   StudentNurseAbby
    I live in Northern Maine and it's a very small area but it's very safe and great if you love a small community.

    I was born and raised here and I understand people's dislike for parts of Maine. It is small and their are limited things to do and limited choices but it's still a wonderful place to live if you ask me.
  13. by   acadia
    Maine is a very beautiful place to live. Work as an RN is available, increases in pay ranges grow with experience and time practicing. It is a place of quiet, without all of the craziness of a city, but we are still able to get things we need or want. I am an outsider, so to speak and have found Mainers very friendly. I did graduate from UMA but it was years back when the more seasoned and supportive professors were there. I have heard it has changed.
  14. by   Teachchildren123
    I left Buffalo drove until almost the end of H-90: I was in haaaa! when drove in these europeen-named villages, down those rolling hills, like a suprise in the bottom of the Alps (I never been there but I can dream) turned North just before Boston after saying: " I will come and see the Berkshires in some fall, slept in N-H. Bypassed Salem but should have done Plymouth.
    And, great! WELCOME TO MAINE! Everyone has to stop at the "visitor information" where they will give you cute easy maps of villages with landmarks that you want to visit.
    The best place on earth is probably:York. Hot summer day, small cozy cove and beach and children will balls and shovels... The historical houses... The un-undustrialised aspect of it all. Natural!
    We stopped at a few lighthouses, walked the mile to the Breakwater lighthouse, enjoyed the blazing sunday with the windjammer parade...
    Did route 1 all the way up, Boothbay, Belfast, the memorable smell of the evergreens, the wild roses and some strange sweetness mixed with the ocean breeze, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhahahahahahaha!
    And the people! So respectful, they stop for the pedestrians!!! Went all the way up, Acadian park and all. Too late for St-Andrews NB or Campobello. To Bay of Fundy, love the coast of New-Brunswick, took a break in Caraquet, walked on the warf. Close to home, looked at the Gaspe shore from Grand Anse: usually see the copper-top of the church shining at dawn from my mom's house.
    1600 miles from Buffalo, me and hubby arrived home to see my red-headed-happy-energetic-generous-sparking mother! Says a lot! It was only 600 miles extra, but a voyage of a lifetime. Never could imagine that Maine was soooo..... mesmerizing. Got to go!
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