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    I'm looking at a possible job at an assisted living facility as a DON (RN here btw). It is a 28 bed facility that takes care of residents with alzheimers. I have experience in acute care ccu, psych nursing, and currently work in a nursing home with residents ranging from totally dependent with numerous medical problems to guys that can do everything on their own. My question is what would be a reasonable salary to ask for? The job is M-F weekends off (I'd still have to take call 24/7, so the M-F part is just in theory), but the people I've talked to say that they haven't had to work a crazy amount of hours. I'm making about $56 a year right now. Any thoughts on what a good starting number would be? I'd prefer not to take a big pay cut, but at the same time I work all three shifts where I'm at right now, and its starting to get to me.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    So much depends on where you live. Staff nurses around here make more than $56k/year.
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    During my recent job hunt, I was told my a well respected nurse consultant that I know to ask for 5-10% more than your current salary...wait for a subtle hint that they think that is to much and only then make a comment that you would be willing to negotiate.

    I hate salary negotiations, but her advice worked for me. I got a full 10% more!
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    Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try that in my next interview. I just found out that they also let LPNs act as DONs at this facility. I'm wondering now if I'd be able to negotiate that extra 10% when they can hire someone else for less $.