Resident Rights

  1. Does a resident have the right to demand who his caregiver will be? Is that consider a resident right? I have had two residents who have demanded or refused care by a caregiver because they only want a certain aide or nurse care for them. They don't want to forego care, but demand it on their terms. This is largely in part due to manipulation. I have one aid who takes over an hour everyday to give a bed bath. I need clarity. Thanks
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  3. by   Nascar nurse
    If a resident has a legitimate complaint against a certain aide I will allow them to refuse care by that CNA - after all, it also protects the CNA from false accusations just because someone doesn't like them.

    I will not allow a resident or family member to dictate what group of aides can/can not provide care. I have had 2 family members recently try that - they wanted to cherry pick their favorites - Ummm No - not gonna happen.

    In the last year or so it has become illegal in my state to allow a patient to refuse care based on the race of the caregiver.
  4. by   noc4senuf
    I aggree with Nascar; also have had them choose the gender. But, i tell them we can try but not guarantee if it will be a male of female caring for t hem.
  5. by   achot chavi
    Hi, this is a sticky problem. I would call in the patient and family to find out why they dont want so and so and why they do want so and so. If there is a legitimate reason that has to be addressed appropriately. If it is a matter of personal preference/personality issues, I cant honor the request. Our female patients often request upon admission for female caregivers and I try to request that but your question sounds more specific.
    I once had a lovely CNA with dark skin and pale grey eyes, the patients often told me that she spooked them out. I had to stand firm and say that she cares for everyone and they have to get used to her unique appearance. I also worked with that CNA to ensure that she was providing quality care with patience and a smile.
    We do have a few popular CNA's who everyone wants, but there is no such thing as requesting them. I smile and say, tell us what you like about them and we will try to teach it to the rest.
    Good luck!