LTC Orientation - What is normal?

  1. Hi,

    New grad here, applying for positions in LTC, getting interviews and wondering what a typical orientation looks like? How can I tell if an agency is providing a typical or adequate orientation? One place does everything but trach's and vents, the other I am not sure, as the interview is tomorrow and there isn't much info online.

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  3. by   noc4senuf
    I recently hired 3 new grads. I told each of them that orientation is really up to them as they all proceed at a different rate. One was ready in 3 weeks, the other in about a month and the 3rd is still orientating
  4. by   MouseMichelle
    I say give them orientation for a month if they are not experience in LTC, most people need a month, some less time. Talk to them about their comfort level, talk to the nurses who are orientating to see if they feel they are okay.