LTC job search ideas in Missouri

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    Hello all,
    I have three years LTC MDS and careplan experience along with all the other task experience from being pulled to different areas. I am really good at my job and work hard. The problem is the new inexperienced DON is driving my crazy. When I go to her with issues I get the response that she is a psych nurse and only deals with the neck up. I have put in my resignation because I know with all the errors and low staff morale the facility will once again become a special focus facility. I have recently went on four job interviews but yet to have a job offer. I am looking for some creative job ideas. Prior to working in LTC I worked for several years on a CSU in the hospital. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    where in Missouri?
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    Just going back to MDS --- had you thought of comparing notes or checking with another MDS/RNAC at a nearby facility? I did LTC SD/IC and I would talk with a few peers nearby for some input. Good way to network and get the scoop...
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    I continue my job search looking at posted opportunities for which it seems to have many applications for the same position. I am trying to look outside of the box for job search tips. The economy in my local area is bad right now. There are a ton of new grads that cant find a job and even with my experience I am finding it challenging.
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    I am looking for an available position in the St Louis or Columbia Area.

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