Lets be careful how we use Med Aides - page 3

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According to this article, it is mostly in LTC where med aides are used and apparently abused by being asked to perform tasks that are beyond the scope of their practice. Is this what is really going on? Maybe we have to be as... Read More

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    I wish posters would look at what forum they are posting to.... this is a LTC forum and not hospital. Two different subjects entirely.
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    I thought we were discussing medicine aids not LTC facilities....just trying to draw parallels to the setting I currently work in. Guess Ill stick to the threads the only involve hospitals lol
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    Quote from sun78910
    - it's this attitude that makes nurses leave the profession!
    LOL! I doubt it but if I am wrong then good. Anything that would help reduce the intentional glut of nurses is OK with me.