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  1. new grad starting with Genesis health care. Does anyone have experience with this company that they could share? positives and negatives? thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Congratulations on getting a job. EVERY company has negatives and positives. Make this experience your own. Good luck and have fun.
    I only hope that ypu didn't get hired as the ADON or DON as a new grad. THAT would speak volumes about the company.
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  4. by   Isitpossible
    hi capecod! no defintiely not hired as a DON or ADON... i would never accept such a responsibility as a new grad.. i have entirely tooo much to learn and quite truthfully though excited, i am nervous... I will be a real actual working nurse responsible for patients... i need to take it slow and learn...
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    LOL. I am the DON and I am a REAL ACTUAL WORKING NURSE.Good luck.
  6. by   Isitpossible
    lol I think you knew what i meant... I think of DONS as experienced nurses... im worried about the transition from student to actually real working nurse... lol
  7. by   Oshun5
    ^^^ i totally get what your saying..i start orientation with genesis healthcare in nj and im very nervous yet anxious to start this new journey.
  8. by   Isitpossible
    oshun5: i sent you a private message!
  9. by   iceprincess492
    I don't know anything about that company. Just wanted to say congrats on your new job!!! I hope you enjoy LTC nursing as much as I have
  10. by   Isitpossible
    iceprincess thanks so much!! well since you have LTC experience, would you mind sharing any tips for us newbies? thanks so much!
  11. by   iceprincess492
    Isitpossible - the best advice I can give you is be prepared for a roller coaster ride for the first few months. Every day will get a little better as you get more of a routine and get to know the residents better. It is a very difficult job but also very rewarding. Some of the residents you care for will be challenging but it just takes those few residents that are so grateful for the care you give to make it all worth it. It is amazing the first time you realize that you have made a difference in someone's life, even if that difference is helping them die comfortably and helping the family deal with the loss of their loved ones. I was one of those nurses who did not want to work in a nursing home but started out there and loved it. Now I have spent 14 years there - started as a nurse on the floor, MDS nurse, ADON and my current position of DON. I have loved every position - not saying I haven't had bad days but I still wouldn't trade my career for any other.

    In my opinion the most important things you can do in order to be successful in LTC nursing is to not beat yourself up for mistakes you make while you are learning (because you will make them) just make sure you learn from them. Time management is HUGE - there is alot of work to be done in a short period of time. Don't let people scare you about "putting your license on the line" In reality it is quite difficult to get your license taken away - you pretty much have to be abusive or stealing/taking medications. Remember why you are there...the residents that you are caring for used to be a lot like you are now, and some day you will be a lot like them. Have fun with your residents - they really do become part of your family.

    If you decide LTC nursing is not for you (and you will know) do everyone a favor and find where your heart truly is. If you are not happy there your residents will notice. Not everyone is cut out for LTC nursing as it is a difficult and thankless job at times. Good Luck to you and as I said I hope you like it as much as I do but if not I hope you find the specialty that makes you truly happy
  12. by   Isitpossible
    thank you very much iceprincess... i will be responsible for 30 patients and the thought alone seems daunting. i have to figure out my routine to meet all the requirements in an efficient manner. im just so worried that i wont have time to properly assess residents. i am fresh out of nursing school - clinicals had 2 patients. this will be huge difference, and no clinical instructor there guiding me... ahh just new nurse jitters i guess.
  13. by   luvcare
    Hi...I'm new to this site and I think it's a fantastic communication source and very informative!

    Is there anyone who has experienced the Genesis hiring process? If so, is it usually a long, timeconsuming process????

    I plan on completing a second-degree accelertaed BSN program. In the meantime I completed a CNA/GNA program to get an introduction to working in a nursing environment. After finally getting my initial license from the MBON, which was a time consuming & frustrating process; I have had interviews at Patient First and Genesis. The interviewer at Genesis made it seem as if I had the job by saying, "You're gonna like it here...". However, just a few weeks ago they asked for re-verification of my license again and four references. Within a four-month span they slowly ask me for more info...but no official job offer. I know they do background checks...but that should only take a few days. Getting into a whole new profession isn't as easy as I thought it would be!
  14. by   luvcare
    I realize your post is a year old, but I'm a potential employee at Genesis. From your the Genesis hiring process, background check, etc. unusually long? So far HR does not seem competent...I had to call after three months to follow up after submitting application...then I was scheduled to do a urine test, submit immunization records, and fill out background check info. and the HR representative was three hours late to meet me.

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