Emotionally I am spent

  1. tell me how to deal.....I am reduced to tears tonight due to the magnitude of the emotional issues.....I have some upset family members....thanks to my staff who have wound them up unneessari;y....it has been a very stressful past week....what do u do when you feel that it is too much? I am not looking to throw in the towel.
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  3. by   kegreat
    Sorry to hear youa re having issues. Maybe you should take some time off if this is an issue that is causing you so much distress. Also, maybe a meeting with your staff is in order to discuss proper etiquette in dealing with family members of patients. You have to take care of yourself first. When you aren't where you need to be, you cannot function in life, much less your position
  4. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    Come to Jesus meeting effective....Big Girl Panties on and now just need a good nights sleep....No I have a much tougher skin....have never thrown in the towel and not looking to do it now!
    Thanks for your support...I'm much better!
  5. by   NurseGuyBri
    Trust me I can feel you pain. I am training a new ADON, hiring new nurses, and my administrator is out for over a month. We had 12 admissions in 2 days (our average is 1-2 max/day) and I just felt like ramming my head into the wall. What always helps me is to remember that what I'm doing is part of a picture that ensures all 120 of my patients are getting care. i may not bedside nurse each one of them, but through my actions they are getting the best care we can provide. It's hard, it always will be- but that's why we are there. If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me or email me @ nurseguybri@gmail.com. I've been a store manager, CNA, LPN, Charge, Supervisor, Staff Dev, ADON and now DON. Keep with it- your patients and your staff need you..

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