DON fired during state survey - page 3

I got the boot during state survey, not after, in the middle of it all. It came as such a shock that when I got called in and was told I was terminated, I asked to resign,. Did I do the right thing.... Read More

  1. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I worked with a DON who had been fired from 3 other jobs. She was the best DON I ever worked with. Sometimes it IS all about the 'fit'. There was a DON around here who was fired after 3 perfect surveys because the staff complained she was too old fashioned and made them work!?!? Good luck.
  2. by   ssmandile
    I just signed up the chat boards and I read your post, how did your lawyers meeting go, any recourse for you with that employer? Your experience did not surprise me, but like the others said they usually wait until after survey not during to let DON's and administrators go, so it sounds like maybe something else was going on. I have been in nursing admin in LTC just a little while but recognize that personal dynamics between players is a big part of LTC management and I have to admit that that is what will make me move on, I can see that coming now. I have always maintained that the quickest way out of a building was to go into management, and I still feel the same way, unfortunately the turnover rate is so detrimental to a building. I was a state surveyor for a while and generally the buildings that did well were those that had a stable admin staff, everything else seemed to just flow from that cohesiveness. I am sorry that you had such a negative experience, all are not like that, but always with management there is the possibility that the game will change and you will no longer fit into the new game plan. Move on, learn from the experience.