CNA Inservice Education/ Training for Caregivers in Long Term Care

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    Delaware Valley Geriatric Education Center
    Division of Geriatric Medicine
    University of Pennsylvania

    Teaching and Learning to Care: Training for Caregivers in Long Term Care (TLC for LTC) has been produced under the leadership of faculty from the University of Pennsylvania's Schools of Medicine and Nursing in collaboration with many community based professionals and facilities.

    TLC for LTC is a series of instructional modules directed to meeting the needs of Staff Development Educators (SDEs), those in long term care who are responsible for staff education, and instructors, or those who teach an individual class session.

    What's in each Module?

    This electronic version of the TLC for LTC modules contain all text files, Power Point slides, and video clips needed to teach the module. Specifically they are:

    • Power Point Slides for projection.
    • Power Point slides with notes about the content for your use when teaching (switch view to Notes Version within Power Point).
    • Video segments. Some modules contain video segments; the instructor's notes, found in the Notes version of the Power Point slides suggest how to use the videos in relation to the other content. The video segments are designed to illustrate different cases or situations that may occur in a variety of long term care settings.
    • Reproducible files containing materials for participants including a handout version of the slides, and often summary or supplementary information and tools for using the content (example: Attendance Form and Logistics checklist)

    Notes to Instructors Using TLC for LTC Modules
    What is special about this series?

    TLC for LTC:
    • addresses geriatrics topics that are highly prevalent in institutional and community -based long-term care settings;
    • is evidence- based on state-of-the-art research
    • is concise - each module can be taught in 20-30 minute sessions;
    • is designed to support quality improvement efforts
    • is reusable - making the series cost-effective and useful in orienting new staff
    • helps facilities meet state and JCAHO requirements
    • targets a multidisciplinary audience including certified nursing assistants, dieticians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and nurses
    Your Presentation:
    • Because face-to-face contact time with staff is so limited, prior preparation is essential!

    • Review all materials, paying special attention to the objectives and key concepts.
    • PRACTICE presenting the content using the Power Point slides with Instructor Notes. We suggest that you practice the presentation two ways:
    a.) straight through to make sure your presentation is consistent with the available time, and b.) pausing to practice when you feel dissatisfied with your delivery of content.
    • Make sure you have sufficient copies for participants of the slide sets.
    • Suggestion: Put power point slides with instructor notes in a binder to facilitate presentation. Updated 5/23/11
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