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I am an LPN in LTC. We got a new DON from out of state 2 yrs ago...who has since made tons of changes that originated from her home state. when she makes a change she says the same thing all the time... Read More

  1. by   JacknSweetpea
    The truth is....I don't really care about what the DON where I work does or says. I was hired to do a job as she was, and hopefully I'll continue to be employed as long as I'm holding my end of the bargain. It is disheartening at times for nurses to see DON's hiding out in their offices or going to lunch with other "office" people. Could care less. I do my job and try to do it correctly, and go home.
  2. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    I have worked as a DON for over 20 years. I have helped the CNAs, passed meds, pulled 3rd shift because there was no one else. I have helped with admissions and discharges. The DON job description is long and complex. Most staff have no idea what the DON is responsible to do. The administrator should be chided because he/her aren't looking at the problems or they live in their office. If the facility is part of a corporation, I suggest you contact the corporate people. They may help or not. If not I suggest you look for another position, but remember if you move to another facility things could be just as bad or worse.
  3. by   pixie120
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I am a DNS. Have been an ADNS, supervisor,SDC,nurse manager,staff nurse, and nurse's aid. We are not all evil ,uncaring people. If we are short staffed I help the aides. If there are multiple admissions, I do the orders so the nurses can concentrate on the new patient. I argue with corporate over salaries, benefits, and staffing. YOU get paid for all of your time. I am salaried which means when I am there on a Friday night helping with admissions I'm not getting paid for that. Please don't paint us all with the same brush.
    I can't explain why some directors are the way they are. I've had every job there is to have so I know what you all are going through. But,unless you've been a DNS, you probably don't have a clue what MY responsibilities the staff, the DPH, corporate and on and on.
    Yep, well said. I care a great deal about all of my staff. I started in a building with no other managers, my nurses are kind and supportive, the corporation not, but I have had to hold ALL of my staff accountable, I never leave before 6 or 7 pm, andthen am on-call for the rest of the night and weekend, and every mistake can come back on me, my license. I cannot authorize overtime, nor would I want to,and either you have teamwork or you don't. Iwould encourage you to speak up, learn to say no (politely) and ask for more teamwork all the way around.Why are you specifically blaming the DNS, of all the nurses?
  4. by   pixie120
    Quote from sasha2lady
    well.. first off....Im not nor have i downed every DON/ADON...I simply stated how the one I work for is ....compared to the other ones we have had in the past....this one seems to take the cake. And regardless of our extreme differences....I do know alot more about what SHE does than she knows about what I do.....I know about the corporate meetings...the corporate calls that are done daily and weekly, I know about the RUG scores and how our facility makes money with medicaid, medicare and pvt insurances, I know about how we get billed for certain meds that come up short, I know about our staffing issues and the lack of attention to what our policy says should be done with that....I know about how the DON has to account for staff to patient ratios related to our census reports every 24 hours.....Im not oblivious to the fact that she is salaried and I am not (which IM glad of!) but salary or hourly shouldnt make a difference in whether or not management helps us when we need it. Ive worked tons of double shifts due to the fact that she didnt listen to me when I told her "xyz nurse wont come in tonight..what are you going to do about it? you need to go ahead and call so and so to see if it can be covered before they make plans".....not one time has she ever listened to me on these kinds of and my shift gets stuck picking up the slack...for nights and for day shifts. we have had good DONs who have been so good to us .....thats why her tactics are so hard to deal with. And as for the administrator..he just does whatever she tells him to do.....there is poor poor poor communication that starts with all our management staff. Then...the fallout of that always comes down on us....the nurses who are stuck dealing with the new admits....the new families ....the new meds...the pharmacy...therapy...all of it. And in a prior reply talking about the far as that goes it just further proves my point ....its always about MONEY....and I also know that our DON and administrator get quarterly BONUSES for keeping us under budget.....and how that happens is 1. cutting our nursing hours 2. cutting our supplies 3. cutting our staff 4. cutting our yearly raises 5. cutting our benefits etc etc.....I cant tell ya how many times I havent had GLUCOMETER STRIPS!!!! ...or batteries, or OTC meds like IMMODIUM, OSCAL, TYLENOL, MOTRIN, COLACE, FISH OIL, or how about when we are out of cath kits? gauze pads and gauze rolls for our dressings and tx's???? our backup runs out of vicodins, ativans and darvocets b/c the DON hasnt reordered them ? or how about how we end up with no med cups or spoons or applesauce for our meds? Or when we run out of trash bags? gloves? cups for ice? Maybe Im old fashioned or somethign but the way I see it is that regardless of title...DON ADON MDS..whatever....RN is still behind that persons name which should mean they hold some kind of obligation to the patients and the staff to make sure that things are in order.....Without the patients...there would be NO paychecks to any of us. I know personally that I am more than grateful for any help I get with an admission or whatever.....but I have to draw the line somewhere. The DON even tells the aides not to change the incontinent ones as often b/c we "are going through the briefs too fast"......ummm......are you kidding me?????? ...She has also told us nurses not to give any prn pain meds or prn ativans. She has also cancelled important appointments for our patients b/c she felt that they didnt need them.....I think thats a little too much like playing God. And as for my own personal paycheck...I work nonstop for every last cent thats on it.
    My goodness, this DNS must be a super woman, she seems to control and manipulate all. If you ever walked into my office and said "XYZ nurse isn't going to come in tonight, what are you going to do about it?" I would be flabbergasted. and why is it the DNS's job to reorder the ekit from the pharmacy? These are not DNS duties.What title do YOU have behind your name, just out of curiousity?

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