What NY schools offer good LPN to RN programs? What NY schools offer good LPN to RN programs? | allnurses

What NY schools offer good LPN to RN programs?

  1. 0 I am a High School LPN student. After I graduate in June I will complete summer clinical and hopefully pass my state boards in October and become a LPN. In the spring term of 2008 I will study to become an RN. I would like to know the best LPN to RN programs in the state of New York.
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    lpn program in highschool? Thats something Ive never heard of - very cool. Good idea.
    Sorry Im not much help. Before starting the Excelsior lpn-rn program (I think they're based out of albany) I was looking for the same. But good luck to you anyway!
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    my sister attended hudson valley community college . she loved it
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    Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY has an excellent reputation. I go to Maria College in Albany, NY. Because I've been an LPN for 10 years, it's okay. But since it is SO self-directed, the student without a medical background tend to struggle. I also can say that the Hudson Valley Community College nurses have some of the strongest clinical skills. That might be a good bet for you, but act quickly; there is usually quite a waiting list.
    Good luck.
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    my sister graduated from HVCC w/ her RN many years ago
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    This is a link to the NY OP list of nursing programs for the entire state. Just click on the link for Diploma, ADN, or BSN programs. Good luck!


    Helene Fuld is the only program in the Metro area that is just for LPNs bridging to RN.

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing of North General Hospital
    24 East 120th Street
    New York, NY 10035

    Don't think just about that school though because there ARE other schools out there that you can get your RN at.
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    Unless you going to school outside of NYC the only 1 I know of is the 1 i'm in now Helene Fuld college Of nursing on 120th and park avenue in manhatten. Its a intense 1 year lpn to rn program. Some other places offer rn programs in 2 years if you have a bachelors in something else so you just focus on the nursing.