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I am a newish LVN (working for a year) and I have just begun the transition program at my school where you start in the second level of the RN program. I didn't mind if my classmates knew that I was... Read More

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    Quote from marycarney
    I was an LPN while in my RN program back in *gulp 1978.
    During our psych clinicals, held on day shift, we wore out uniforms (including caps!!), were not allowed to give meds or let the patients on and off the unit (it was a locked unit).
    At 3pm, clinicals ended - I changed into street clothes and became the 3-11p charge nurse. The poor patients were beyond confused.

    Good times!
    Now that's funny..

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    What school do you attend? You can private email me at
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    I was LPN and I kept that information to myself unless confronted and asked if I was an LPN. I had a couple of clinical instructors who knew because one was also my advisor and a couple of the others taught lecture and she just knew which of us were and were not.
    1. I was given a difficult patient and asked to take my class mates with me when performing care and show them how to do it.

    2. I was asked if it was ok if my class mate were allowed to start IV's, insert foleys etc. on any of my patients because she knew I was already profecient in these areas..... (good thing I was)

    3. I was with one group of students who asked just what is the difference between a LPN and RN is? she replied with an LPN doesnt know how to think critically. every student looked at me when she said this!

    4. When two students had attempted to start an IV and failed my instructor asked me if I wanted to try, she wasnt sure if any of us could get it including herself ---- I Got the IV.

    5. Another patient was in need of an IV, my instructor sent me (to my surprise) then as I was about to stick the patient she came into the room with another student who was a paramedic also stopped me and proceded to tell the patient the other student was a paramedic and would be able to get thier IV on the first attempt. (I was soooooo embarressed)

    6. I was placed on a dedicated education unit for one semester in a cardiac cath stepdown unit, while there the nurses I worked with did not know I was an LPN until I came in and I was the only student they were gonna get that day and they had 4 TEE cardioversions, 2 Tilt test, and they would be recovering 10 cardiac caths. I worked hard that day and the nurses figured out that day that I knew more than they thought at first. That was the best clinical day I had and probably the only one I really enjoyed.

    I hope your experience as a RN student is so much more than Mine was.
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    I am very excited to say that was accepted into the LPN -RN program & I start May 2013!!!! I have been a LPN for almost 6 years. I have primarily worked in LTC & home health, so I am very nervous about clinicals. Working in LYC & home health, you don't get to use very many skills. I'm praying that I don't look like an idiot. How are things going for you?
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    I completed an LPN-to-RN bridge program at a trade school. All of my classmates were LPNs because all students had to present a valid LPN license in order to be admitted into the program.

    Anyhow, even though we were all LPNs, our skill sets varied. Some of my classmates were working in rural ERs and had a wide range of procedural skills. Other classmates had only a few months of home health experience, had not worked in nursing in several years and were basically clueless.

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