SPC LPN-RN Bridge Program!

  1. Hey everyone! So I am currently in school at spc taking my pre-reqs for nursing. I still have roughly around a year in a half before I can apply to nursing school. My concern is that I have gotten 3 C's that will extremley affect my nursing GPA. And honestly I have been doing some research and I am considering going to ptec and getting my LPN. I know nothing about the LPN-RN bridge program...so can someone explain that? Is it much easier to get in the Nursing program at SPC? If I do complete my LPN at Ptec would I have to go back to SPC and finish their Nursing Requirements there all over again? I'm so confused. I have't taken Anatomy, or Micro or any of that yet at SPC but would I have to complete that? Is there waiting list long as well? Someone please help! I have my final exams tomorro and I need to know what to do for this summer! Thank you!

    I live in Clearwater FL.
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  3. by   dp133
    I'm a recent grad of the SPC Nursing program. The information below may help you out.

    1. Your GPA is calculated from nursing school pre-reqs only. (Go to the HEC Website and there is a GPA calculator) Getting and A in Sociology doesn't help your GPA, you need good grades in the classes that count.
    2. There is no waiting list for the traditional RN program, basically highest GPA's get in other do not. If you have a 3.7 or higher you've got a pretty good shot.
    4 Program is four semesters and there is only a full-time option. Between class and clinicals you'll be "in school" four days a week.
    5. LPN transitoin program is three semesters (those students have one semester by themselves and then they are blended in with students in the regular program for their last two semesters.
    6. My understanding is that there IS a waiting list for the LPN program and that it's NOT AS competitive as going the traditonal route but I could be wrong.
    7. PTEC doesn't have a whole lot of pre-reqs for their LPN program but you'll still need to have ALL the SPC required pre-regs done before you can begin the transition program.

    If you decide to go the LPN route you have a few options: PTEC, Galen, Ultimate Medical Academy... and a few others. Note many of these will be expensive and I really don't know how good their programs are but they can get you an LPN license which is what you'll need.

    Good luck
  4. by   ciprea
    I'm an LPN and went to Galen. I have been taking my pre req's at SPC and recently went in to see about appling for the bridge program. I have a 3.4 gpa, I was advised that I would be wasting my time to apply without having a 3.7gpa. I was told I should repeat 4 classes and get an A. The kicker is you can NOT repeat a class that you passed w a C or better at SPC. The advisor had me going all over Pinellas County taking/repeating different classes. My grades were not that bad. For example a B in AP2 lecture and she would like me to go to PHCC or Keiser and repeat the class. Ummm NO, I'm just happy w my B, I have no problem with my B lol

    I just went to Galen to find out about their program, a little costly but if you transfer everything in (they take 29 credits) the tuition drops 9k, So the program will cost me 11k but I can start in the next class July 20 something.

    I know they arent accredited by I have all my pre req's for my AA, so I have an AA from SPC and going to use that to return to SPC for the BSN. Hope this helps !
  5. by   kaw
    @Ciprea,I am also an LPN graduate of Galen and am now an LPN-RN bridge program SPC student. As far as I know, SPC does not take RN's who graduate from Galen because they require their BSN students to have a degree or diploma from either an NLNAC accredited school or a regionally accredited school (both of which Galen is not). The link to SPC's BSN admission information page is http://www.spcollege.edu/bachelors/d...ON_Nursing.pdf I sincerely hope this helps you make an informed decision because Galen will tell you anything they think will get you to give them your $! SPC's RN program is accredited by both the CCNE and the NLNAC.