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    Hello, I will be graduating this spring with an associate's degree in the applied science of practical nursing which will allow me to take the boards to become a LPN. I want to continue my education and receive my BSN so that I may become an RN. I'm from North Dakota but I want to make a change and I plan on moving to the Washington or Oregon area. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some schools in that area that offer a BSN program for LPN's with an associate's degree. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    The only LPN to BSN that I know of in Washington is Pacific Luteran University. Some of the community colleges LPN to RN programs offer dual admission with the University of Wa ADN to BSN program. Either way it will take about the same amount of time to get BSN.
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    okay, what about any other lpn to rn programs that aren't bsn programs?
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    The LPN to RN programs are mostly at the community colleges. I am attending Pierce college in Puyallups LPN to RN that allows dual admission to University of Washington Tacoma campus ADN to BSN program that you start right after finishing the ADN program. Tacoma Community college, Highline, Clover Park, Bellingham, Big Bend, Lower Columbia, North Seattle Community college, Olympic college, Seattle Central Community college, Shoreline, South Seattle Community college, and I think maybe one in Yakima. These are the ones that I know of that are LPN to ADN.

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