PBSC Nursing Transition Help!!! - page 4

Hi everyone, I'm an LPN going for the transition at Palm Beach State College. I haven't had any luck finding stories about transition students at this school. If there is anyone out there who did the... Read More

  1. by   #wontgiveup
    I think the generic might be a better option because the accelerated is online. You don't have easy access to an instructor to clarify things with, not only that but you're pretty much on your own. Often times online classes are often not well directed especially with nursing school. Pbsc nursing program also has really vague reviews so I wouldn't take the chance. I do have some reservations with their program but compared to most other schools they are one of the best.
  2. by   #wontgiveup
    I don't know that much about the accelerated program and it is fairly new. What do you think?