Pasadena City College LVN TO RN

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    Did anyone get any callbacks yet or taking the TEAS exam at PCC?
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    The application period is until March. Normally they will send out acceptance letters in April/May for all those accepted as well as some alternates. I believe the TEAS test is May 6,7,8. I think only those accepted will be able to take the TEAS.
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    thanks! are you applying too?
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    it's almost april guys. i heard they will be emailing those who got accepted.
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    Did you get a email yet? I got an email today saying i was ALTERNATE and to register for May 6th to take the TEAS
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    I got an email today too stating I'm an alternate and to schedule to take the TEAS. I already took the TEAS at LA County last month so now I guess I continue to wait.

    Did you apply anywhere else?
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    I also got a letter from email that Iam alternate. I emailed them that i was going to take the teas test but I never got reply. I called the office though. Did anyone got any respond from Them?
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    mialvnrn, make sure you submit your TEAS scores to PCC. I was also an alternate and emailed my TEAS results to their office. I never recieved a reply, and when I followed up, was told that "Oh yeah, we got your email, but we couldn't open the file." ....evidently, I never would have known if I hadn't followed up. It was just a simple adobe attachment. I ended up printing the results myself and hand delivering them. The next morning I was accepted to the program.
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    Hello Stelon,
    Were you just accepted to the program beginning this summer?
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    Nope, just graduated. But I was in your exact spot a year ago, just finishing the TEAS at LA County School of Nursing.