Pasadena City College LVN TO RN

  1. Did anyone get any callbacks yet or taking the TEAS exam at PCC?
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  3. by   EMTnurse626
    The application period is until March. Normally they will send out acceptance letters in April/May for all those accepted as well as some alternates. I believe the TEAS test is May 6,7,8. I think only those accepted will be able to take the TEAS.
  4. by   dorkiexcici
    thanks! are you applying too?
  5. by   dorkiexcici
    it's almost april guys. i heard they will be emailing those who got accepted.
  6. by   dorkiexcici

    Did you get a email yet? I got an email today saying i was ALTERNATE and to register for May 6th to take the TEAS
  7. by   mialvnrn
    I got an email today too stating I'm an alternate and to schedule to take the TEAS. I already took the TEAS at LA County last month so now I guess I continue to wait.

    Did you apply anywhere else?
  8. by   Nathe4120
    I also got a letter from email that Iam alternate. I emailed them that i was going to take the teas test but I never got reply. I called the office though. Did anyone got any respond from Them?
  9. by   stelon
    mialvnrn, make sure you submit your TEAS scores to PCC. I was also an alternate and emailed my TEAS results to their office. I never recieved a reply, and when I followed up, was told that "Oh yeah, we got your email, but we couldn't open the file." ....evidently, I never would have known if I hadn't followed up. It was just a simple adobe attachment. I ended up printing the results myself and hand delivering them. The next morning I was accepted to the program.
  10. by   stephadler82
    Hello Stelon,
    Were you just accepted to the program beginning this summer?
  11. by   stelon
    Nope, just graduated. But I was in your exact spot a year ago, just finishing the TEAS at LA County School of Nursing.
  12. by   niicco

    Im an lvn student at Pierce College. Failed my 2nd sem Psych class by 1.1 point (was working full time, BIG mistake on my part :\) So Im currently out of the program. Im looking into applying / transferring to Pasadena City College. Would I need my courses evaluated by a PCC counselor since its not the same district? Also do you guys know If I need to retake the TEAS again? Hope you all got in
  13. by   Calipsychnurse
    I believe TEAS test results are good for 1 year.
  14. by   nursinater

    I applied for the LVN-RN Program for PCC to start in Fall 2013. I just got a vague email and phone message Friday evening basically confirming my registration for the TEAS test next week on Sept. 12th...I am just wondering if anyone can tell me if this means I'm accepted pending my TEAS results? I can't talk to anyone until Monday and the suspense is keeping me awake...

    Also, is there anyone out there that knows about the background check? I got a Misdemeanor DUI in 2011 (while I was in the LVN Program), so now I am so worried that I won't get accepted to a new program, although I was even able to get my LVN license from the strict California Board after telling them about the DUI. The schools just seem stricter than the Board but I really don't know...