Lvn to rn transition 2017(lonestar college system) - page 4

Hello! Is there anyone applying to the LVN TO RN Program in Lonestar college for Summer 2017?... Read More

  1. by   Shabba
    I don't remember receiving any card when we did LVN but I did receive one last year when I applied to a different school but changed my mind about going there because they take too long to graduate..
  2. by   Shabba
    Apparently fast pass is now called service code by Bon which was the term used on our acceptance packet hence my reason for not seeing fast pass on ours but still I think it's for those who have a criminal record or who need D.O but like I said, call to verify.
  3. by   sylviakwa
    Just found out this from my friend who's at North Harris already and graduating next month. Fast pass or finger printing is mostly for paramedics who were not fingerprinted when they took their classes. As for LVNs we already did fingerprints when we were in school. I'll try upload my Blue Card and see if it will accepted on Castle Branch. Tried calling North Harris but they rarely pick up phone calls. I'll let y'all know.
  4. by   Shabba
    I have uploaded my blue card and it has been accepted by Castle branch!
  5. by   sylviakwa
    yaay great I just uploaded mine. Can't wait for Orientation and for classes to begin.
  6. by   tamclark83
    Is anyone attending the transition program at LSC-Tomball?
  7. by   Chinurse12
    Hello guys!!! I will be attending North Harris transition program as well. Happy to be in this discussion group.
  8. by   Shabba
    I'm attending tomball
  9. by   Ammnicole07
    Hi, I'm new to this thread! I was accepted to North Harris with a 6.96. My first choice was NH, 2nd was Tomball. I'm really confused with the fast pass and castle branch deal... I'm not seeing any place to upload specific documentation.... it just says immunizations, certifications ect but nothing specific.
  10. by   Ammnicole07
    Where are y'all uploading your blue cards to? I don't see a specific spot for it.
  11. by   sylviakwa
    You should have received the acceptance email from NH and another email the following day regarding how to set up Castle Branch. There is 2 codes for Castle Branch. The first one for your Background Check and 2nd one identifies NH is the school where you've been admitted. This is where you upload everything. Some of the documents you'll have to download them from Castles Branch fill them out and sign them and upload back. There is two documents that need a signature from a witness. Anyone can sign the witness part i.e. family members, friends or coworkers as long as it's the same date and you don't have to notarize them. Blue Card is the very last one at the bottom of the page.
  12. by   jesusguajardo1
    Hi Shabba, I also got accepted into the transition program at Tomball. I have a question though. I've been trying to sign up for Castle Branch but under the classification tab at the bottom of the page it only gives me option for ADN and LVN for 2016 and not 2017. Did you have any issues??
  13. by   Shabba
    Yeah I used the ADN 2016, lol.. All my docs have been uploaded and completed so I think that's the main thing but to be sure you can call them and verify..