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    I'm an LVN in Los Angeles (home of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, Go KINGS!) I need to start my pre reqs for my RN, I have to do them online until i get to the classes that require a lab. My question is have any of you taken some online pre reqs through your local JC any suggestions on which JC to take them through? Please don't copy and paste a list of all the JC's in LA, i know where they are, I'm looking for personal experience. Thanks in advance

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    Hi Elleveein! YES, after 45 years lord Stanley is ours!!!! Ok, back to your question. As you know, there are several L.A. community colleges in our area. I'm currently at Mission College taking a pre-req every semester as I work 60 hours a week, while being a mom and wife. So far, I've seen only a few p.r. Classes online. I've done chicano studies online and enrolled for english 101 for the fall. Some of the classes are on the weekend and online. I did psych 41 on Sundays for a few hours and the rest was online. I'm sure there are a few other classes that can be done solely online and/or weekends. But, the science classes will definitely have to be on campus for the labs. Well, that's been my experience so far. Hope that helps? Go Kings Go!!!!
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    Im definitely taking all I can online through a JC. The challenge is finding online classes I can do on my own time NOT scheduled classes where you have to be online at a certain time.

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