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  1. 0 I am now an lvn and i am trying to apply to a rnbridge but requires to take a teas test v. I took the teas before but didnt do 62% and above, am i able to retake the test and would i still be eligible for applying to the bridge? Has anybody gone through the same issue im going through? I live in California in the bay area.
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    I know in southern California many of the community colleges only take your first score no matter how many times you take it. Sucks if you ask me but that's how they do it. This is the main reason I'm waiting to take it. I plan on taking an SAT review course before I take The TEASE so I can get as high a score as possible. This test scares the crap out of me : (
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    I live is sacramento and I am applying to multiple ADN programs (traditional, not bridge) and they all take your first PASSING score. So, the first time you score above a 62%, that's the score they count. All schools are different so I would be sure the specifics of the program(s) you are applying to.

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