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  1. Hi, I'm starting a LPN program this fall with a plan to go to school for RN afterword. I volunteer at a local hospital that only hires RNs, and one of the nurses told me today that None of my classes for LPN school would count toward an RN program, and that I would have to repeat my clinicals too. I know this is not true for one particular community college here that gives advance placement to LPNs from the school that I'm going too. That college only requires the extra two semesters of clinical and any missing gen Ed classes. Is the nurse right, that most RN programs make LPNs start at the begining? Do any of you know of more LPN to RN bridge programs like the one that MCCC in PA offers?Thanks
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    In the state of Pennsylvania dear, there are plenty of LPN-RN bridge programs. Considering you mentioned Montco, I'm goin' to assume you are in the Philly metro area. Bucks County &
    CCP both offer advanced placements, however with different requirements for each program.
    Unfortunately, the nurse who told you that your LPN classes or clinicals don't really transfer to your bridge program is right. Advanced Placement is granted after meeting all program requirements, just the same as conventional program applicants. Once you've met all prereqs, grades and other requirements, only then are you granted Advanced Placement(usually a semester or two ahead) of the length of the program. You are required to go through clinicals just like the rest of the class, complete all class assignments and projects. A RN program is usually more indepth& preapares you to sit for licensure examination to becoming a RN. Now, I've since applied into HACC(Harrisburg Area Community College) and they recognised my LPN diploma, granting only 10 credits if I were to be accepted into their nursing bridge program, which is an equivalent of Nursing 1--one semester only. All the other requirements and prereq materials are still mandatory and follow all other admission requirements. You still have to do your Sciences(A&P I&II, Micro, Biology, Chem I, etc) and the general ed courses( Psych I, Soc, Engl I&II) and other electives.
    Bucks County CC wants you to be a Bucks County resident. Montco gives extra points having completed most of your prereqs with them, and CCP doesn't really discriminate based on zipcode or county resident, but has a point system that almost requires you complete all your prereqs before sending application. Abington Dixon School of Nursing has no consideration for LPNs as advanced standing anymore, and now they have Statistics as a prereq. Frankford Hospital School of Nursing(now called Aria), no bridging program anymore.
    Reading Hospital School of Nursing still has one. And I'm sure the further in PA you google& search, the more you'll find.

    Goodluck, and if you find anything let me know....*wink,wink*
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    Thank you so much for all the great detailed info
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    Oh, and for anyone else who will read this thread in the future, If you graduate from Eastern Center for Arts and Technology's LPN program, they have a matriculation agreement with Montco where you automatically receive a certain number of credits, then you test out of A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, nursing fundamentals, and clinical 1, and Clinical 2. In exchange, you must take a LPN to RN role transition course and all ancillary classes (ie. English Comp 1&2, psych, sociology, etc.)
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    Connecticut also has LPN to RN bridge programs. While you won't get any credits to transfer for say any A&P you took during LPN school, you DO get transfer credit for the first year nursing courses (of an ADN program).

    After you complete the first year non-nursing courses, you have to take a 4 credit LPN to RN transition class (3 credits are done fully online, 1 credit is done at your 'home' school in which you have been accepted into their RN program). Once complete you are then placed in the 2nd year of the 2 yr ADN program nursing classes and you complete any of the gen ed classes of the 2nd year if you haven't done so by that time.
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    Ill be attending new courtland pn school this fall.. i have all bsn pre req with the exceotion of mirco completed!! my school has that partnership with ccp.. but honestly, if u live in delco,they let lpns in 2yr of an adn prog. compared to 2nd semester!!!i wish you all the best as i am siced abput my journey!!!