LPN to RN, how long?

  1. I'm a high school student, and after i graduate (2011) I am considering doing a LPN program, my plan is to finish the program (hopefully!) and see if I would like to continue to become an RN or go back to school for something else. I know the LPN program usually tends to last a year, but if I was going to go back to school, how much more longer would it for me to become a RN?

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It depends. Some community colleges set their nursing programs up concurrently, which means that you can jump into the RN program immediately after completing the LPN program at their college. In other words, the first year of the RN program is the LPN portion at some schools. It will only take an additional year to become an RN if you attend a school such as this.

    Most schools in the U.S. have separate LPN and RN programs. The RN program often contains several additional prerequisite classes and test score requirements that you must fulfill before they will admit you. Actual RN bridge programs are only 1 year long if you are already an LPN, but you must add on time to complete prerequisite classes, corequisite classes, testing, possible waiting lists, or reapplying to the nursing program altogether.
  4. by   isshin
    my school its 3 quarters, and I've been told its hard
  5. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    My schools bridge program (LPN/BSN) is 5 semesters (not counting additional pre-reqs). They also do not accept LPN's with < 3 years experience. It all depends on where you go to school.
  6. by   Maria christina
    hi i am a newly grad. BSn from the Philippines and im planning to migrate at canada, ontario to be specific... I just recently took the board exam here and im just waiting for the result....I would like to ask if i fortunately passed this exam, and i need to upgrade my competencies...how long do it takes the bridging program??