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I'm taking the ATI LPN step test tomorrow. It's the entrance exam for our LPN to RN program. This is the first year that they are using the step test. It was previously the GAP test. There were 60... Read More

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    Is this test that they take for LPN to RN Bridge?
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    Quote from peace10904
    Is this test that they take for LPN to RN Bridge?
    Hi, Yes it is..I will taking mine tomorrow morning.I dont know what to expect..have you taken them? if so, how was it? any last minute advice?
    Thanks in Advance,
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    I have not taken it, want to know what I need to study for this test. What school will you be attending?
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    Our class is going to be taking this soon...I was just wondering if anyone had any studying tips or useful information? Any info would be useful!
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    Hello all! I just recently took the step test as a matter of fact just yesterday! It was very hard to me.........I've been a lpn for 5 years now and the test just told me I didn't know as much as I thought I did! Lol.........very heavy on pharm questions, such as adverse reactions and side effects! Ob and peds questions as well as priority questions.............study, study, study and good luck!
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    I am taking the STEP Test in March 2012. What are the best studying methods and guides anyone has found useful? I can't seem to find to much online and my instructors aren't really pointing me in the best direction. Is there a practice ID code to use on ATI? Or a text book? ISBN if you have it please.

    Thank you so much!

    Oh, and what was the major formating of the test? Like NCLEX?
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    Did you get into the program?
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    did you get into the nursing program?
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    Does anyone have any recent advice on LPN to RN Step Test? I need all I can get please!
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    Honestly, you've crammed and studied a lot. There won't be anything so bizarre you haven't learned before. Relax - Deep Breathe - Simple review