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Lpn- rn grad.

  1. 0 I've been an lpn for almost 4 years & I did the lpn to RN program. Now I graduate this May (yayy!) but my question is- when I look to apply for jobs- will they consider my lpn experience as job experience or will they look at me as a brand new nurse?
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    Good question! I know in the insurance field they still count your experience but not sure about floor nursing. It's going to be interesting to find out the answer
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    I do not start my Lpn to RN program till August (congrats to u!) but my best friend hires for a major medical systems around where I live and they count Lpn experience as this 2 years Lpn experience=6 months of RN. I find it odd as I do the same thing the RN's do in LTC except for the random IV we sometimes get because our facility only allows RN's to do ours and they count that as experience for an RN, but it is what it is. I think LPN experience in general is pretty under rated to most hospitals...I am going to be much more comfortable on the floor as a newbie RN with LPN experience than someone who just came into the floor as a first time as an RN so one would think our experience as LPN's should be valuable
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    Thank y'all! Yea I agree that they should take being an lpn into consideration- so hopefully where I try to find a job will!