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Hello fellow LPN's. I am so excited about furthering my career in nursing. I started out as a CNA and then almost 6.5yrs ago I decided to go get my LPN. I'm so grateful and blessed to have been accepted into the RN program at ECC... Read More

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    How was your first day? I am trying not to fall behind so I'm working on finishing everything early before the weekend. I only have 2 classes this semester so I don't feel overwhelmed yet.

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    EWWWW! First lecture and todays was Cardiac...EKG's...yuck. During LPN school I was a master at the EKG's, knew it frontwards and backwards and was thankful when I was able to say good riddance to it. Now, its back to haunt me. Today will be spent finishing up my work (paycheck work haha), then its to the nursing math book to refresh on it b/c we have a test coming up and then it will be me with my hot date...the 20lb med/surg book!
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    Thank you all sooo much!! I'm very excited and so far so good. I am definitely in Beast Mode I'm trying to get the best grades I can get and I am very attentive. I know everyday wont be a great day but the fact that I'm here is a blessing in itself.

    Have a wonderful day everyone. Thank you again. -Camy
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    I'm so glad everyone is having a good week so far. I will definitely be hitting the books tonight and over the weekend. My boyfriend works so it won't cut into his QT too much. I'm taking my kids out to the park on Saturday to get in some Quality Time with them. I'm hoping I will have enough energy tonight to get on XBox Kinect with them and do some Dance Central 3 or Just Dance 4 I've got to fit it all in somewhere!!
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    I was a CNA, then I became a LPN. I just returned back to school to get my RN as well. I started out this semester very stressed out but I am feeling much better! I go to Trocaire in South Buffalo. I wish you the best of luck. God bless you and your studies!
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