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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    How are the clinicals? DO you have a RN preceptor. How many hours a week are the clinicals/ I thought it was 24 hours a week.

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    Quote from pink2004
    how are the clinicals? do you have a rn preceptor. how many hours a week are the clinicals/ i thought it was 24 hours a week.
    you have to do 144 clinical hours in 5 weeks; for me that would be 12 12-hour shifts in 5 weeks. i'll have to do 3 12 hour shifts one week and 2 12 hours shifts the next week ...
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    Do you like the,program and what do you dislike do you learn anything from there lessons
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    Yeah I'm having a problem finding a clinical site. I just started a new job on Monday and this hospital doesn't accept outside students even if u work here. Ugh, so can't do them where I work and my previous employer says you have to still be a current employee. My suggestion is check with your job to see if they even will allow you to do clinicals there. I can tell you Austin/Temple area will not. Good luck!
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    Hello everyone I am new to allnurses. I am from the Dallas/FortWorth area and I am enrolled in Lamar State College online LVN-RN program. I was enrolled in RNSG 2514 but had to drop due to personal reasons. I will restart the class in January 2012. Is there anyone out there that has completed the program or enrolled or finished RNSG 2514 (Integrated care of the client with complex healthcare needs)? If so I really need some great study tips on how to get through the material. This program requires alot of work but it is doable. I am looking foward to becoming a graduate RN in September 2012!!!
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    I am about to start the program in the spring, I want to make sure it is a degree....and we will receive an Associate Degree in Nursing??
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    yeah i'm having trouble finding a clinical site in the houston area too.
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    I'm suppose to start in Jan. but I have many concerns. I live in Houston as well and i'm really concerned about the clinical portion of this program.
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    I found this school Kennedy Global Schools offering LVN Program at first for number years already their graduates are already NCLEX Passers I verified it myself to Texas Board verification on line. Since Texas is one of the compact state and it is a legit school. Talked to one of their LVN graduate and already passed Texas NCLEX and she is currently doing the LVN-ADNe Bridge program. Check their website Kennedy Global Schools. I spoke to one of the education director and she sent me their curriculum 4quarters total first three quarters is on line direct, the last quarter you be doing your clinicals where the school is located. I am suppose to start the program with Lamar by January 9 and I am considering this Kennedy school as well. Good luck. Keep in touch. My email address This is a year program you guys..checked it yourself...
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    As long as their relation to development they will consider that. If you have not join the program yet I am about to join the class by January 9 but found a school on line LVN-ADNe bridge on line program school called Kennedy Global Schools they were at first only for students who wants to be LVN now they expanded their program to LVN to ADN recently they have already had their first batch of graduates. Checked their website cuz i am considering to join their program. email me for further querries good luck

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