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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

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    congratulations for finishing one module...i need to contact you ladies for later re:my patho that will start sept.15 i wold appreciate i very much if you can assist me in this subject later. Im taking summer class for nutrition thats only wht i need to be in the program by sepet.15. Take care n good luck to your studies..Keep in touch

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    I just started this Program on June 27th. I was suppose to start in April but the admissions office didn't forward my transcripts to the nursing office in time, so I had to wait til June. So I would recommend if anyone is applying, apply at least 2 weeks in advance because your transcripts go through the admissions first, then the nursing office.
    So far the program seems okay, my only disappointment is I have to take this computer class they have added to the program and I already took it because it was apart of the pre-req before. Added months and cost, so disappointing. But that's alright, I am determined to get through it.

    Anyone in the program already, can you tell me if you HAVE to have all the books listed? Which ones can I possibly go without?
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    Hey Congrats!!!, I start in September I to have had a computer course as well that they should have accpeted. So I am not happy about that either 3extra months and $$$. Hey the book list that is on the site is that all the books that is needed for the entire 15mos.
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    I didn't buy the computer book because it's really not a class I care about. But I believe that's all the books needed on the website. They have pdf files of the chapters as well on the site too so I think I will be okay with no book for this computer class. Not sure about the rest.
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    You guys are awesome I'm glad youre doing great with lamar. I'm starting my short summer class nutrition on Jul 11 and will finished by Aug.11 I hope i can get my grade before the deadline August 19 for the program that will start on Sept. 19. Good luck to the Sept. Class. Let's keep in touch with each other through this thread.
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    Hi guys! I'm new to this so bare with me... For those that will start in September for the bridge program, did any of you have more than a yr. Experience working as an lvn? Because I heard that they recently add that on to their admission requirements and unfortunately I'm a new graduate nurse that would like to further in my education and was hoping to get into their program soon.
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    They are constantly making changes, It was not required of me and I start in september. But I have been nursing for 2yrs. Good luck.
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    Thanks.... And congratulations in starting in September. Hopefully they'll let me join your class and make exceptions. How long was it til' you've received an acceptance letter from them?
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    You do have to all required courses before they let you take tranisition courses. If you have everything get started now, because it takes a while for them to process everything.
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    Thanks for your advise

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