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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

  1. by   katana600
    They are constantly making changes, It was not required of me and I start in september. But I have been nursing for 2yrs. Good luck.
  2. by   4everurs
    Thanks.... And congratulations in starting in September. Hopefully they'll let me join your class and make exceptions. How long was it til' you've received an acceptance letter from them?
  3. by   katana600
    You do have to all required courses before they let you take tranisition courses. If you have everything get started now, because it takes a while for them to process everything.
  4. by   4everurs
    Thanks for your advise
  5. by   evethalt
    regarding the books for Lamar; I graduated in May, I purchased them all & used them all. There was one later on in the program that they recommended, but was not required. I bought it because it was small & I was able to carry it around at work & during clinical. Email me @ if you would like more information.

    Good Luck to all!!!
  6. by   Calixan
    Quote from katana600
    You do have to all required courses before they let you take tranisition courses. If you have everything get started now, because it takes a while for them to process everything.
    Oh gosh yes, because their deadline really is like two weeks before their posted deadline.
  7. by   Simone11
    Hello everyone! Im so excited about attending lamar. I just took my final today in nutrition, which is the only thing that is left for me to submit. I applying for the Sept. class. I've anyone is looking for a study buddy, have any advice, or simpy nice enough to let me purchase any necessary material; Please feel free to contact me. My email address is I would greatly appreciate it! Good luck to all of u! Thx, in advance!
  8. by   Simone11
    Quote from sonja77
    ]I am currently doing the online LVN-RN program at Lamar State. I started on April 4th and I am on my second nursing class right now (classes are 5 weeks with 1 week off in between).

    It is a very time-consuming program if you also have to work full time while doing it. I work a rotating schedule (7 12-hour shifts in 14 days) and this was the only program, where I was able to do all my work online and still keep my full time job.
    The hospital I work at has an "academic partnership" with Lamar State so I will be able to do my clinicals at my hospital with a preceptor or I might have to go to our "mother" hospital.
    Hello, I work the same schedule! How is it going for you, so far? I work night shifts.
  9. by   studytime
    HI Im looking for more information about the program. How do you get in? thank you for any information.
  10. by   tejas03
    I would like more information about this program if you guys could help me! I am wondering about the clinicals? Where did you all get your preceptor? Can you tell me how this program works? Thanks!
  11. by   averysmommy
    I am new to, so bear with me here =) I am an LVN and trying to get into a transition program. I live in Fort Worth and was recently told about Lamar State University and their online program. Is this a good, reputable program? Is their admissions process easy, and do they accept C's, ( I have one from A&P II b/c of a horrible instructor and dont know if I need to retake it =( ) Thank you
  12. by   katana600
    Don't retake it, you will be fine. I'm starting lamar in september, it is a process so start early on your paper work. So far so good with the communications with them. Nothing expires for them, but you have to have all prereqs done. Good luck
  13. by   averysmommy
    Thank you for the info, I am taking micro starting this fall, guess I will take my nutrition and speech too then and hopefully start after the first of the year sometime AWESOME! Nice to know there are some institutions that make it a bit easier for you to transition!