Kramer school of nursing - Might Not Enroll Spring 2012 for financial aid reasons

  1. Hi People,

    I am a student at Oklahoma City University, OCU, Kramer School of nursing. I am probably going to fail enrolling this semester because I have unpaid bill. The school did help me with less than $2000 last semester but that was it! I pay close to $1000/ credit hour (13,000 for a semster). My federal loan doesnot cover all my fees and I have to pay the remaining balance to be able to enroll this semester. If there is anybody who knows some source of finance please let me know.

    I know I can transfer to Oklahoma state because it is cheaper and I hear they have great professors. The problem is OCU will never give me my transcripts unless I pay the balance. I am hooked up!!!!!!!!! Unluckily!!!!!! The school advertised a lot when I was new but most of what I was promised is not there.

    Watch out when you apply to OCU!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Soon2BaBSN
    youdon't say which kramer nursing program you are enrolled in, which makes a greatdeal of difference when it comes to cost and available financial aid. i am alsoa student at kramer, in the rn to bsn program. the state gave me (and everyone who submitted a fafsa application) a grant for$1,000 for fall 2011, and $1,000 for spring 2012. i also got a scholarshipthrough kramer for tuition reduction based on the fact that i am "55 yearsold or older." all rn to bsn students got an automatic scholarship of 25%tuition reduction, and most of my classmates worked, got other scholarshipsthat they applied for, and/or got federal stafford student loans (bothsubsidized and unsubsidized) to make up the difference.
    if you are an undergraduate, pre-licensure student, then you should haveapplied for fafsa to get pell and other grants from the federal government.that gave me almost $2500 per semester. sure, i am graduating with loans, butthen there are programs where you can work within certain nursing specialties or populations/facilities that payback portions of your loans.
    did you talk to the financial aid office at ocu? did you talk to anyone atkramer about your finances? it sounds like you didn't do much homework, but in any case, it isgenerally not a good idea to say nasty things about a school just because you can't afford it. kramer has one of thehighest first-time pass rates for the nclex exam in oklahoma and the 6-state contiguous area around it, and has a very high quality faculty that will bend over backward to helpthose who show they want help. i love kramer, and have applied to theirgraduate nursing programs so that i can continue to get a challengingcurriculum, quality instruction, and costs that are on par with most otherprivate universities in the country. if you can't afford private schooling, whydid you apply there?
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    I currently attend the regular BSN program, after 2 semesters with 2 semesters left I owe over 5,000 dollars and can not continue the program until that money is paid off. Thus I have to take a semester off work pay it and then possibly come back. it is a great school great faculty and staff great education. I truly love it here but it is very expensive the Finiacial aid department is Rude. They do give some scholarships but with tuition this high you really have to have outside non government loans. i will get my BSN i do not know if it will be from here but I will get it. Oklahoma City University is a great school but it is a very expensive school. with room and board THEY ESTIMATE cost AT about 50,000 a year. A YEAR! Nurses make good money but not that good.