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I've been ACCEPTED!!!

  1. 5 Finally, after 12 years, I am officially a nursing student (again). I have OFFICIALLY been invited to join to LPN to RN transition program.

    I return to school June 13 I am SUPER DUPER excited. I will graduate next May.

    12 years ago, my daddy hand crafted a frame for my LPN license. He handed me an empty frame, and told me to fill it with my RN one day. My daddy passed away 6 years ago. I had the honor to go home and help take care of him the last 6 months of his life because of my education. I told him, I promised him... I WOULD fill that frame...

    In one year, that frame will be filled

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    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.....Congratulations!!
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    Thanks I am so excited... who'd have thought going back to school would be exciting. LOL
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    Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you....I'm sure your dad would be so proud!
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    Wow, how moving.....

    I'm happy you and so is you father.
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    Thanks again
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    So happy for you demy ! What a beautiful story. Good luck in NS. I'm right here with you. I graduate in Dec. this year * prayerfully***
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    Congratulations! What a blessing! Your dad would definititely be proud. Good luck! =)
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    I always knew I wanted to be a nurse! I have been an LVN for 12 years!!! I finally graduated (20 May 2011) and am scheduled to take NCLEX 6/15/11.....Congratulations on getting back on the school bus!!! It is a great feeling...you will soon feel it too!! That acceptance letter is great huh?? I cried because I was not planning on being an LVN, musch less for 12 years. I had my pre-reqs to go to BSN program (traditional). Life happened and I needed to make more money at the time, so I went to LVN school. BUT here I am GRADUATED & I pray that you stand there one day!! Know GOD has great things in store for you!!! I am sure Your DAD is looking down very proud!!! FILL THAT FRAME!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Congrats! I too have been accepted in the Lvn to Rn program after 7 years I bet you are excited as much as I am