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Has anyone on this board gone to Helene Fuld college of Nursing? If so, what was your experience?... Read More

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    divsan, I went to VEEB. www.veeb.org. Do you really want to start all over though? Maybe you should post this in another forum because you may not have to go through school here all over again. I'm not sure. All of my childhood and adult education has been in NYC. Sorry.
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    Has anyone entered HF without any college credits and completed the pre req courses at HF only? I'm working full time and seriously considering quitting and jumping into HF head on.

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    My friend did everything at HF in one year. It's kind of tough but definitely doable.
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    hey miazon, i came into HF with some credits but had to take some at HF. i know a bunch of ppl though who had no credits at all and did fine. it's definitely doable to work while going to HF full time, but it's tough. u can do anything as long as ur motivated!
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    i too have questions about helene fuld anyone with recent experience there as far as the program?

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