Galen Tampa LPN-RN program?

  1. I am currently thinking of applying to Galen in St Pete's LPN-RN program. I was curious if anyone out there attended or is attending right now. I know it is expensive, but I already have almost all of my gen ed's so the cost is nearly cut in half. I am also looking at SPC, but I probably couldn't start there until Jan 2011 and would not be finished until May 2012. If I started Galen in August, I would be done Nov 2011. That's 6 extra months where I could potentially be working as an RN. Plus, since I have the pre reqs completed, I would only have to attend classes on the days when the actual nursing courses and clinical days are, which is another good thing. Also, I am planning on going for my MSN after RN school. I wan't to bypass BSN if I can (already have a BA) I know UT in Tampa has such a program and so does USF, but I think UT is the only school that would accept Galen's credits. Am I correct?
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    I did LPN at Galen and really liked the school. I decided not to do the LPN-RN program there because of the cost and the fact that credits cannot be transferred to public college.

    Even with all of your pre-reqs done you're still looking at close to $18k for the RN at Galen. Then to complete the BSN or MSN at a private college, I've no idea what that will cost.

    If you stay in public colleges then I'm sure total cost of an MSN won't hit $18k.

    For me, given that there are few new grad RN jobs out there, there's no harm in waiting additional time to get into SPC or HCC. I graduated Galen LPN last August and will be starting the LPN-RN transitional program at SPC this August. Financially this is a very wise choice for me as I will get full PELL grant

    From what I heard UT accepts Galen credits. You could call UT and inquire.
  4. by   Jess84
    Thanks! The way I worked it out, it would only be about 13k from Galen. But I could be calculating it wrong and not including any "hidden" fees. I am hoping to apply to SPC for the August class too, but I have to wait until my summer micro is over on 7/17, which would only give me 5 weeks to apply and get accepted, so I'm not hopeful because the class would probably be full. I think they only have 36 slots. I know you don't need to have micro completed to apply, but my science gpa is only 2.63 right now and it has to be 2.75, which it hopefully will be after this summer.
  5. by   kelaobie
    Taking my test for the bridge program next week. Any hints on studying? I bought the PAXRN Study Guide, there is a lot of information in that book. Has anyone not been approved for FA/Student Loans ?
  6. by   Jess84
    I'm not sure if your message was for me or not? I currently attend Galen's LPN-RN program, I'm halfway through quarter 1 and I like it so far. The entrance exam wasn't bad at all. I didn't buy any study materials and did just fine. You may want to brush up on some science though, as that was definitely my weak spot. As far as the FA/Student loans I would think you would need to speak with a FA counselor for that. I don't know why anyone would be declined for federal loans unless they're maxed out already. I didn't receive any grants but had no trouble receiving federal loans. Good Luck!
  7. by   kelaobie
    Thanks for the reply Jess84. I take my test at Galen on Wednesday. I have been out of school for MANY years and have studied the book and done the practice CD's but Math is still stumping me. I am nervous but also very excited to get back to school and get going. Best of luck to you!!!
  8. by   Jess84
    Awesome- Good luck to you, I am there on Wed and Thurs so maybe I'll see you. (not that I'll know it!) I am sure you'll do fine. Also I'm not sure if you have any transfer credits but that did wonders for me financially. I am doing this 22k program for around 13k so trnsfer anything you can.
  9. by   kelaobie
    Yes, I am hoping to have Eng (I&II), A&P (I&II), Micro credits transferred in. Thank you. You only go 2 days a week the first quarter?
  10. by   Jess84
    No, I think most people go 5 days, but it's not all day 8-5 like I thought, some days I think they get out at 12. I transferred in the math, english and AP for quarter 1 so I only go wed from 10-12 and thursday from 10-5 for Life span and computer class. The schedule is open online for the entire program so unless they totally change things around I've got a pretty good idea of when I'll be in school from here until the end, which makes it good for planning work schedules etc. English 2 is no longer required
  11. by   kelaobie
    Very cool!
  12. by   kelaobie
    Passed !!! :O)
  13. by   Jess84
    awesome, see it wasn't that bad! I actually missed class on wed since I was sick. Were you able to meet with financial aid?
  14. by   kelaobie
    not yet, have to be accepted first (fingers crossed very tightly)! :O)
    It was a hard test though - thought I knew my science - boy was I mistaken. Everyone was right - lots of Physics.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!