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I just got accepted to Galen Tampa, FL for their evening/online LPN to RN bridge and I'm trying to see if anyone else is going to be starting then that is on this forum. It would be nice to get to know others who will be in the... Read More

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    Hello, I am also interested in this program. I am a single mom and work full time so this sounds like the perfect opportunity to receive my RN. How often are you actually in the school or on clinical? How many nights a week and hours? Any information would be greatly appreciated, I am just trying to find the best option that is going to fit in my lifestyle. Hope all is going well and you like the school!

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    Im hoping to get in the Jan2014 class I took my pax last week now im waiting for them to call me.
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    The time spent on campus during the online program will depend upon the classes and what lab time and exams are required. The first quarter I was not on campus at all except at the very end to take what is called a HESI exam. The second quarter I was on campus for a lab and that was once a week from about 5pm-8pm. The third quarter my clinical time started and that was one Saturday a month for the 3 months of the quarter equaling three 12 hour clinical days for the whole quarter. My fouth quarter is what I am in now. I am on campus every other Monday from 5pm-9pm for my lab and I will have nine 12 hour clinicals on either Saturday or Sunday during this quarter. They do offer some different options sometimes if available that are throughout the week so that your weekend is not as crowded. I work full time Monday - Friday so this is not a good option for me so mine all occurs in the evening and on weekends which is the regular schedule of the online bridge program. If you have credits transfer in then your schedule is lighter (which is what I did). There are some people taking one other class this quarter which has them at school more during the week than I am. It is a lot of work but it is very doable. You just have to focus on what your goal is and get it done. Best of luck!!
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    Best of luck erica1223. Don't get overwhelmed and address any issues that may come up with your instructors and the program director. Any issues that I have had, whether it be scheduling or registration have all been handled fairly easily by Galen staff. They are still growing so there are mix ups but they work it all out.
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    Thank you I'm so excited I can't wait until January..but enjoying my free time while I can. As of now just figuring out financial aid paper work they need then final registration and im good.
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    Thanks for all the great information!! This really does help. I have to finish this semester up at SPC for my pre-reqs. I will be applying for the LPN-RN bridge program starting in the summer at SPC. If I don't get in then I will be off to Gaylen. I've heard great things about the school. I recently heard that they are now accredited, so you can transfer to any state university now. Have you heard anything about this? Thanks again for your help!
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    Yes they are accredited now and I start in Jan.. I can't wait!!
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    Congrats erica1223!!
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    Thanks.. what classes are you taking at spc now? Im taking speech and gen psychology
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    I am currently taking intro to stats, a music class and a&p 2 lab (which is a re-do) all online. I can apply after this semester with the pre-reqs I already have completed and then take Microbiology in the spring. Are you doing the LPN-RN program or just going straight for your ADN?

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