Galen January 2013 LPN to RN role call...?? - page 9

I just got accepted to Galen Tampa, FL for their evening/online LPN to RN bridge and I'm trying to see if anyone else is going to be starting then that is on this forum. It would be nice to get to... Read More

  1. by   DeeDee34
    But are you required to take the hesi after you actually start the program at Galen? I know the the PAX is required to enter the program
  2. by   eric.naz
    I attend the Galen San Antonio campus. During the LVN program, it was a requirement for us to pass the HESI in order to pass medsurg. From what I'm hearing, they changed it from HESI to ATI for the bridge program, and I believe the requirement to pass the ATI is the same as HESI--it's needed in order to progress to the next quarter.
  3. by   DeeDee34
    Oh. Thank you. Cause I start the Lpn to adn bridge and i heard nothing of that. May be cause I'm doing the bridge.