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    I didn't get the best grades after high school but then I got my act together and graduated from an lpn school, but now I am having the hardest time getting accepted into a transition program. I do not want to be in massive debt by a private school!!i live in central florida . If anyone can help me please do.

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    Your post has been moved to the LPN-to-RN student forum to increase the likelihood of attracting helpful responses. Good luck to you!
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    Did they say why?
    My high school grades stunk, I was valedictorian of my LPN program, so I thought it wouldn't be to hard to be accepted to a RN program, I was WRONG! Instead of being to upset I did
    my pre-recs at a cc and have a 4.0, I start a rm program in January.

    Don't give up! Keep looking and work on your pre-recs.

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