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Hi all. I am finishing up all of my core classes for the LPN to RN program this Fall and hoping to get into the accelerated program next summer. My question is for those of you who have already been accepted into your nursing... Read More

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    Also, our LPN program is 2 semesters and the LPN bridge starts you in second semester. So some girls have run out of financial aid.

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    Quote from PNicholas
    I have 2 close friends in my program that are LPNs and they tell me all the time being a "clean slate" is better. It is easier to answer questions by the book when all you know is the book. On the other side, they have automatic jobs when they graduate because they already work as nurses. They actually mixed my class with the LPN bridge program and many of them struggled. I think that was more personality issues because they refused our help because they felt they knew more than we did. I feel if you know you want to be an RN go RN!
    The LPNs in your class had no right to be snooty. But I must point out, they don't "feel" like they know more than the rest of you. They DO know a lot more than the rest of you. Their experience as practicing LPN is worth 10x as much as anything you guys learned in class or clinicals. But I'll repeat, this gives them no right to be stand offish or aloof.

    I'm an experienced LPN going back for my RN. I must admit, sometimes I feel I should be given more leeway than the students who have never been nurses. I bristle when my instructor corrects me on skills I've been doing at work for years. The LPN-RN process should be totally separate from the general nursing student population. It's insulting when we have to start at almost the same level as students with zero experience.
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    I was accepted into nursing school and my lpn experince helped me in that matter. Luckily I had advice from senior students not to make a big deal or even ask for advanced standing because it was not apreciated by the faculty and I did not. The time I may have saved would not have been worth the experience I got from just going through the whole program and I really was not that much more knowledgable on the whole from other students who had some college background. We had a class of 55 students in a Catholic Hospital environment and we all worked and studied together. After graduation only one of us did not pass the boards the first time. We felt that we were truly qualified to start our careers as RN's
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    No. If anything more difficult, because of the select number of slots for bridge students. I was turned down constantly by my program for 2 years. They would only accept 15 students in January. Once the amount was increase to 30 slots I got in. I was competing not only against other LPNs but EMT/paramedics.

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