Did the rigorous LPN curriculum prepare you for traditional college?

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    Having just finished up an intense 10 month, 26 day LPN program (in which only 8 of us graduated), I signed up immediately at a public college to finish up pre-reqs. One week in, I was bored out of my mind and felt like things moved at a snail's pace. I had become so accustomed to studying huge chapters with little to no direction, translating it into real-life applications and figuring out how to solve nclex-style questions. Now that I'm in regular college, life is good, life is easy!

    All that hard work put into LPN school feels like it really paid off, not just because I'm working as a pediatric nurse, but because traditional college seems so easy in comparison. I know once I start my bridge program, it will be exponentially more difficult, but so many good habits were drilled into me that I'm endlessly grateful to the same instructors I inwardly cursed, cried and stamped my feet in frustration at.

    How did you guys handle the transition from HOLY CRAP NURSING PROGRAM B OR ABOVE OR DIE to regular college pre-reqs?